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Who would you like to share a seat with in the new Stjärnliften?

Jesper Tjäder creates a snow park in Duved.

Photo: Skistar / Ola Matsson

Morrvikja - new shop in town

All Mountain Masters

New free ride event

Photo: All Mountain Masters

Viveca Sten, author to the Åre Murders

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Cosy Mullfjället Pension in Duved

Join a ski touring & yoga retreat

Photo: Fjällanda

Åre news 2023

It’s the same game every year before the winter season kicks-off. Every business in Åre works around the clock to finish off the final touches. The last days before the Ski Test Weekend around Lucia is usually the sweatiest and most hectic for the village’s craftsmen. Fresh coats of paint are barely dry and the new lighting fixtures are only just in place before the doors open for a line-up of fired-up guests. And now, it seems it’s that exciting time again! Here’s the list for all your needs in Åre 2023.

New on the mountain

Skistar is building a new express chair lift in Åre for this winter. On December 8, the six-seater Stjärnliften will start running, with a route similar to the former WC-lift. We expect a big boost for Åre’s central ski area, and of course also a more comfortable trip up during the summer season.

In Duved, there is a lot of new stuff evolving on the existing slopes. A brand new snow park is being built in collaboration with Olympic Slopestyle athlete Jesper Tjäder, a creator of rank who will surely create a real riding experience. During the winter, a ski cross course will also be built with jumps and velodrome curves to whiz around in.

In the snow park in Bräcke, Skistar is making ground improvements where the jumps in the red and black lines have been built up in soil during the summer, which means that less snow is required so that the park can open earlier in the season. The fact that less snow is used is also important from a sustainability perspective.

Skistar continues to extend the lifts’ opening hours with morning skiing in the Duveds Linbana at 08:00 every day and evening skiing with an extra evening in both Duved and the VM8 lift throughout the season and also continues with extended opening hours during holiday and high season periods.

Experiences & events

This winter is the premiere of a brand new event in Åre! All Mountain Masters is a competition format for children and young people who love park and free skiing. There will be competitions in Freeride and Slopestyle for younger skiers, aged 7-16, with skis and snowboards on their feet. The weekend offers more than competitions, it will be an event for families with riding joy, community and experiences united in true freeride spirit. Behind the competition is Åre Slalomklubb Freestyle, where skiing profiles such as Henrik Windstedt, Sverre Liliequist and David Kantermo are coaches. You can find the rest of this year’s current events in Åre here.

Do you like to top tour at a comfortable pace? This winter, for the first time, there is the opportunity to accompany Fjällanda on a ski-touring retreat with yoga in cozy Trillevallen. The group stays together at Trillevallens Fjällgård, where the tranquility and the magnificent view are the closest neighbours. Large open spaces provide space for yoga but also small nooks to settle down and enjoy a cup of tea and a good book after the day’s activities. What a perfect Christmas present!

If you have read any, or perhaps all, of Viveca Sten’s books in the series of Åre murders and thought that this would be nice to watch, your wish is about to come true. This winter the TV series “Åremorden” will start filming. The series will be based on the first two books, “Hidden in snow” and “Hidden in the shadows”, and will begin airing in the fall of 2024 on Viaplay. At the same time, the third book, “Hidden in memories”, has just been launched (in Swedish). This book begins at Copperhill and winds its way to Storlien’s historic mountain hotel. Perfect après ski reading in front of the fire this winter.

Curious about driving a snow mobile? Now all family members can try driving one on their own, even children from 7 years old. Hook up with Explore Åre to their snow track in Brattland, 1 km east from Åre, and drive mini snow mobiles with the whole family, the vehicles are also suitable for adults. Open to book all holiday weeks this winter.

Travel & stay

This winter it will be easier to fly in to Åre. During the winter Norwegian has flights from Stockholm to Åre-Östersund Airport on Thursdays and Sundays, perfect for a long weekend in the mountains. International flights also go directly several times a week from i.a. Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen to Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes, 135 km from Åre. Read more about traveling to Åre here.

Local taxi company Topptaxi will be the first in Jämtland to have electric cars in its fleet this winter. So if you want to travel sustainably well on site in Åre, or to and from the flight, then you call them.

The charming guest house Pensionat Mullfjället in Duved from this winter on run by Michaela Boson, equally as charming, who also runs the Mrs Maggie restaurant further west in the same village. We dare say that things will start to happen here in the near future, so stay tuned!

Food & entertainment

New Restaurants in Åre 2023

Årelagat is brand new on the Åre restaurant map, located in Kompaniet, next door to Åre Health Center. Food is prepared here with care, without unnecessary shortcuts or additives. Every weekday, lunch of the day is served, and rumor has it among their regulars that a unique, new dish has been served here every day since they opened in early fall. Catering is also one of their services.

At the Holiday Club, the Eatery food concept moves into the lobby restaurant. Here you can come into the warmth after a long day on the ski slope, sit down in a comfortable chair or sofa and rest your legs while you enjoy good lunches, coffee, authentic Neapolitan pizzas and pleasant dinners.

At Hummelstugan, there will be outdoor news to help keep drinks cold as ice. As of the last day of November, their new outdoor bar literally landed in place on what must be the terrace with Åre’s best location. See you there!

Are you in Åre with a larger group and want to have a very special dinner? For groups of at least 15 people, Explore Åre arranges barbecue dinners in its wilderness cabins in Fröålägret, an oasis in the middle of the forest in Björnen.

At the address Stationsvägen 16 you will now find Okkes Sport & Bar. Okkes is a classic sports bar with shuffleboard, pinball and screens showing the most important sports events of the day. On the menu, of course, there are burgers, ribs, churros and other health food.

Shopping in Åre

Next door to Okkes, Åreguiderna is expanding its premises with a larger shop area and space for ski hire. New in Åreguiderna’s range is also the possibility to obtain a driver’s license for snowmobiles, as well as the broadening of the range for the experienced ski tourer with more ski touring events.

And on Okke’s left, Stadium Rental opens a ski rental in Alpindepån’s old premises. There’s a lot going on in this neighborhood, in other words.

Morrvikja, a company offering historical guided tours in Åre, is expanding its operations for the winter with a shop at Benamsgården, Årevägen 116. Here you will find local crafts, Åre products and interior details. If you want to bring a piece of Åre home, you will most likely find it here.

The Railway Station house and the building Produkthuset some 500 meters east from the main square are also undergoing renovation and some updating with new activities. In the Railway Station house, the Library now has its own entrance from the outside. On the same floor, there is now also the technology store Åre Ljud & Bild together with Smartfix, which fixes your digital gadgets while you wait. Upstairs is Handelsbanken’s new office. The Produkthuset, where for instance Åre Bageri is located, gets a total makeover during the winter with a new facade, new windows and staircase. So to visitors we have to say, “Sorry for the mess…” But it will become nice!

Last updated 16 December 2022


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