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Photo: Emrik Jansson

Biking news in Åre summer 2024

Åre as a place for biking has been growing for many years, we celebrated that last summer with a look back in film format at how some real enthusiasts have created space for biking over the years. This summer, instead, we have a lot of biking news to present, both on the mountain and at our stores and activity companies. And last but not least, a bus line for bikers! Read on to find out about all the biking news in Åre in the summer of 2024.

Get around easily by bike on bus

Take the bus around Åre this summer, even with your bike. In a collaboration between Länstrafiken and Skistar, there is now a bus line that runs every hour during the day between Åre and Björnen during the period June 15-August 21 and is free for everyone who has a valid BikePass. The bus will have many stops on the way so you can choose where it is best to get off and on, e.g. you can take the bus from the train station to Björnen if you arrive in Åre by train. The buses have bike racks at the back so you can easily bring your bike, and there are proper luggage racks inside the buses. This summer the buses run on HVO, and by next summer there will be electric buses running the same route. Timetable bus line 702 >>

Kilometers of newly renovated downhill bike trails

This summer, many of the downhill trails in Åre Bike Park are being re-launched after a record-breaking total renovation where in some cases the route has been changed. In total, approx. 4 kilometers of trails have been re-dug, the biggest renovation done by Åre Bike Park Downhill since its inception. Here you can see the entire trail map if you want to follow along in the turns >>

Wingman is a red jump trail that replaces the old and faithful Shimano trail. The character of the trail is slightly more difficult, more technical and with more jumps than its predecessor. The name may suggest that you are offered a little more time in the air during the journey… Regardless of whether you have ridden Shimano before or not, it can be good to roll through the trail for a lap before going full speed.

Double Dave becomes a blue flowy jump trail like Cobra, suitable as a way to train oneself into Wingman level. It branches off from Cobra Connect, like the two-headed snake it is named after, and leads back to Stärnliften via the former Kälkspåret, which has also been rebuilt.

Västra, Månskogen and Getrappet have undergone some renovation and received updated connections. At the end of part 1 of the Månskogen trail, you can now choose a blue or red ending. Månskogen part 2 gets a new start where you now come directly down into the forest instead of the long traverse over the ski slope Gästrappet. Västra gets a new section due to the building of Wingman.

Tjärnis has received a new entry part in connection with the construction of Wingman, and just like the rest of the trail, it is a black technical section with tight turns.

Directly from the lift Stjärnliften there is a new connection into the biking area. The trail starts just below the lift to reduce biking on the dirt road, to end up further down the dirt road that takes one on to the eastern part of the bike park.

The last part of Cobra was already finished last year, but until this year has had time to settle a bit, be rolled in and become really good.

In the Trail bike park in Björnen you now find the starting point for all future downhill crazies, the roller conveyor up makes it possible to whiz down with a running bike or regular bike, without having to climb up. Of course, it is also possible to ride the roller coaster up and run down if you prefer. Open in all weathers thanks to its glass roof.

This summer, construction will be underway on the Easy Rider trail higher up the mountain. Last summer’s big storm destroyed a lot of the trail last summer, so this will require extensive work to restore. It will occasionally affect other trails, so follow information via signs and in the Skistar app. Next summer we can look forward to a slightly easier trail that will give even more people the opportunity to experience biking with mile-wide views in the unique mountain terrain above the tree line.

You can find more about biking in Åre here >>

New products and gadgets

In Åre, there are many who breathe biking all year round and do not have winter as their main season. The bike shops and guide companies have gathered the best stuff that can be pedaled and are happy to share.

Åre Skidsport has listened to its customers and brought home even better downhill bikes for the really discerning, and since the staff’s friends asked to rent gravel bikes, they are now also in the range.

The guiding and activity company Puls has moved its operations to Årevägen 55, i.e. the same building as Åre Bakery. You book their bikes, bike guiding and other activities online and pick up equipment on site in the new premises.

At Åre Bikes you will find all kinds of bikes, everything from electric bikes and gravel bikes to downhill and XC bikes. Have a coffee in the store and take the opportunity to get the local staff’s best tips on trails to try.

Bike Republic advises anyone looking to get into this material-intensive sport that bicycles are now best bought through concession agreements. Pop in there and ask for more information and maybe you’ll come home from vacation with new toys. It’s actually a pretty good way to extend the vacay feeling.

This summer Åreguiderna offer guided open groups of various activities for those who want to try it out in the company of a group of others. Weeks 27-31 you can find groups for hiking, biking, running and kayaking to book every day. Maybe you discover a completely new passion, and find new friends at the same time?

Are you more of a bicycle flâneur than an adventure biker? Gliding around the village on a comfortable bicycle on a warm summer day is not to be despised. At the OKQ8 gas station this summer you can borrow ordinary bikes for a ride in or around the village. Pack the bike basket with coffee and swimwear and take a classic swimming trip, or perhaps cycle around and explore Åre’s historic buildings.

Åre Bike Festival “Back to the roots” July 4-7 2024

This year, the local cycling club Åre Bergscyklister joins forces with Skistar and organizes with joint efforts a biking festival with the theme “Back to the roots” with a family feeling, great socializing and the occasional classic competition that invites cheering. The popular BHDH remains one of the highlights together with the Midnight biking on the mountain, and more gathering places are created for a nice hang out in the evenings with after bike at Åre Ölkafé and party at the Holiday Club. The expo area by the VM8-lift will be filled with exhibitors and will be open to everyone in Åre. The festival ends with a sanctioned SWE Cup Downhill competition on Sunday. You can find the entire program at arebikefestival.com.

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Last updated 10 June 2024