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Information regarding Corona

Last updated 27 April 2020

Åre as a local community follow the recommendations and restrictions from Swedish authorities regarding the Corona virus spread.

The Åre Ski Area

Skistar decided to close the ski area on the advice of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. The lifts closed from Monday 6 April. Read more here:

Restaurants and cafes

On March 25th new restrictions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden begun to apply for restaurants, bars and cafés.

These are some examples of the safety precautions that the local businesses in Åre have taking before to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • After ski is cancelled throughout Åre, indoors as well as outdoors
  • Number of seats in restaurants are decreased with 30-40%
  • All seats and tables, surfaces and door handles are cleaned and disinfected regularly, buttons often touched such as credit card terminals are disinfected between customers
  • Menus are switched to disposable ones so each client gets a new one
  • Self-services and buffets are cancelled
  • New restaurant hosts acting to limit the number of guests and help people keep their social distance
  • Where queues form people are informed to keep distance between each other
  • Take-away offers are extended and home delivery is offered
  • Room service is offered without added cost
  • Outdoor service areas and terraces are opened up
  • All silver ware and plates etc are served by staff to minimize being touched by guests
  • Wet wipes and disinfectant is placed out and offered to guests
  • Information both inside and outside businesses about increased hygien routines
  • Routines for staff about not being allowed to work if showing any kind of illness symtoms has been further increased.


Since the Swedish government has legislated against public events gathering more than 50 persons many of the upcoming events in Åre will be affected. Stay updated about each event through the organizers communication channels directly. We update the event calendar runningly with information about changes.

Changes and cancellations

We refer to the companies you have made your reservations with for the correct booking terms concerning your reservations. As representatives for the local tourism companies we ask you to change your reservations rather than cancelling them if possible as the consequences of this situation can become severe for the business owners and employees.

Personal responsibility

Vi continuously work to decrease the spread of the virus and we urge everybody to take their personal responsibility. Show great precaution in all social interactions, also in ski lifts, shops and restaurants. Make an effort for each other and for our village!

We ask EVERYBODY to:

  • Stay at home or in your hotel room if you have even the least sign of any kind of cold symptom. Stay there until you are completely well and two more days. This way you can avoid infecting others.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with warm water and soap. Cough and sneeze into your arm. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
  • If you are in Åre and need medical care, only contact the local medical center by phone.

More information

–> 1177 Vårdguiden
–> Skistar
–> Åre Hälsocentral
–> Folkhälsomyndigheten
–> Utrikesdepartementet