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Information regarding Corona

We are facing a different winter this year and Åre and the local companies are continuously following the developments and guidelines from authorities concerning the Corona virus. Lifts, restaurants, shops and places to visit are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that guests, residents and employees are staying safe.

The Åre Ski Area

The lift operator Skistar is placing extra emphasis on safety and security in the ski area, both for guests and staff.

Read about Skistar’s precautions

Check-out the ski area’s opening hours

Examples of pandemic measures throughout Åre

  • Extended shop opening hours to minimise congestion
  • Limit the amount of customers in shops simultaneously
  • Digital check-in / check-out at accommodations
  • 80% maximum booking capacity at hotels
  • Extended cancellation concessions, check with each player before booking
  • Digital queuing systems to avoid crowds
  • Increased number of public toilets in the village and ski area
  • Increased Corona testing times in central Åre
  • Onsite hosts in heating cabins, greater distances between seats and a system showing how many people are inside the area
  • Increased outdoor eating areas via barbecue areas and new food stations
  • Purchase of ski pass via phone or vending machine / self-service
  • Single party chair lifts
  • Single party seating in gondola lifts
  • Ski pole length distance in lift queues
  • Lunchtime shuttle bus between the ski area and Åre Square, increasing lunch seating for skiers, thus reduced congestion at ski-in restaurants. (Implementation begins with Christmas and New Year’s Holidays)

Personal responsibility

As guests, you are very important to our village and that is also why we ask for your help. We urge you all to take personal responsibility seriously and follow the recommendations that apply. Protect each other and protect our village!

Restaurants and accommodations

Restaurants and accommodations are following the guidelines developed by, among others, the industry organizations Visita and HRF together with the Swedish Public Health Agency, so that it is safe to visit, as well as work here.

FAQ for the coming winter season

Should I dare to book a skiing holiday to Åre this year?

Yes, there is plenty of space on the ski slopes, cross-country trails and generally in the mountains and it is possible to have a vacation and keep your distance at the same time.

How is this year’s ski season affected by Corona?

Everything from ski lifts to restaurants and activity companies are actively planning for how Åre will be able to receive visitors in a safe way according to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s restrictions.

Have you “secured” your ski resort in any way, i.e. taken measures to reduce the spread of infection?

Before the summer, a number of measures were taken to prevent the spread of infection in Åre so that we could have a well-attended summer season with cycling and hiking in the mountains. The restrictions that apply from Public Health Agency will continue to be followed in the future, and in Åre the companies in the hospitality industry cooperate with the relevant authorities, municipalities, police and healthcare in the region to ensure that we can receive guests this winter in a safe way. Together, we make an analysis of each part of a visitor’s stay here to discover where preventive and coordinated efforts are needed. This applies to everything from how queues are handled in both lifts and restaurants, how helmets are cleaned at ski rentals to how an injured skier is taken care of by emergency personnel.

Will there be après skis and open nightclubs this winter?

No, there will be no nightclub or après ski activities this winter, but bars and restaurants will be open and food and beverages will be served to seated guests according to the restrictions that apply – so there will be many and good alternatives for a nice end to your day on the slopes.

What should you think about if you are eager to book a ski trip?

Review which booking regulations and cancellation protections apply to travel, accommodation and activities in order to be able to cancel in the event of illness. The best times to travel in order to easily keep distance from other people are when it is not school holidays, as many choose to travel at that time. There are many accommodations available in Åre through apartments and cabins where you can vacation comfortably on your own. Plan for how you or those in your group will behave on site and how you’ll get home if any of you get sick during the trip. Remember to stay home at the slightest sign of illness.

What rules apply to cancellations and refunds?

It looks a little different from site to site, accommodations and activity companies etc. Check out what applies specifically to what you plan to book, and think about whether it is worth buying an extra cancellation protection.

What happens if you become ill while here?

If you become ill on the spot, the same rules applies as if you were to become ill at home: Stay in your accommodation so as not to expose others to the risk of infection, contact 1177 to get the help you need before heading to the health centre. Also, inform the those you’re renting from about your illness so that they can take the proper measures.

What are your best tips for travel-hungry guests ahead of the winter season?

We’re doing everything we can here in Åre to ensure that our visitors have a wonderful experience with beautiful days in the mountains and the possibility to spend your vacation here in a safe way. We share that responsibility with all our guests. A tip is to choose a quieter period for your trip making it easier to keep your distance.

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