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Information Regarding Covid-19

Since September 29, 2021, the restrictions implemented by the Swedish Government are lifted. But it is still important to be considerate of, and take care of others and ourselves. 

It will continue to be important to take responsibility so that we and others can be safe. Therefore, we need to be attentive, show consideration and avoid exposing ourselves and others for the risk of being infected with the Corona virus. We all still have a personal responsibility to avoid spreading the Corona virus.

So we continue to be careful by

  • avoiding crowds if possible and keeping otur distance to others.
  • washing our hands often and thoroughly
  • being attentive even of mild symptoms of covid-19
  • stay at home and avoid meeting others if we are experiencing symptoms and
  • taking a covid-19 test if we suspect we might be infected or have symptoms of a cold.

Thank you for being considerate of others and yourself. Together, we make a difference!

Good to know

Testing for covid-19

The public health care system is responsible for testing all individuals for covid-19. If you, or someone close to you, are experiencing symptoms of covid-19, you need to stay at home, avoid contact with other people and test yourself to avoid the risk of spreading the disease. 

How to test for covid-19:

If you have a Swedish personal identification number you can log in at to book your covid-19 test, using your Bank ID (electronic identification). If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number, scroll down for more information. 

  • The Health Care Center will not be able to help you to test for covid-19. Instead, go to and log in to your personal pages, using your BankID to book a test. All text will be in Swedish so it’s a good idea to get a Swedish speaking person to help you if needed. 
  • When you’re on your personal pages, click the link ”Egen Provhantering” and then ”Ny beställning”. 
  • Go to the alternative ”Tid för provtagning covid-19 via provtagningsstation eller hemleverans”. Read the text.
  • Click on ”Nästa” (Next) at the bottom of the page. 
  • Confirm your booking by clicking ”Slutför beställning”(”Confirm Your Booking”). In the next step you’ll click the permalink to choose where and when you can take the test. 

You can also make a booking for a “self-test” which you will then pick up at your local pharmacy. Please note that you are not allowed to pick up the test yourself. Ask someone who is symptom free to pick it up for you. Take the test at home and ask the person who picked the test up for you to return it to the same pharmacy.

Find out more about testing for covid-19 and how to order a pharmacy test in Åre here >>

Buses for testing are available on weekdays at Kyrklägdans parking in Åre (click here for location). When you log in to 1177 and book your covid-19 test, you’ll receive information about where and when you can do the test. 

If you have questions about covid-19 that does not concern testing, you can call 1177 for advice or help. If you have a mobile phone with a foreign number, call 1177 at +46 771-11 77 00. You can also call the Health Care Center for help and advice at +46 (0)647-166 00, but, as mentioned, not for booking a test.

If you do not have a Swedish personal identification number and BankID, Call the Health Care Center (see information below) to book a covid-19 test. 

Traveling to Sweden

Sweden’s travel ban is in effect until October 31, 2021. Different travel bans are in effect depending on whether you are a Swedish National or a foreign citizen. Different rules also apply for travels from countries outside of Norden (The Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland), from countries outside the EU or EES and from countries outside the EES, including Great Britain. It is the traveler’s personal responsibility to know what applies when traveling between countries. 

Please note that the different rules apply depending on the country you last visited before entering Sweden, regardless of whether this was a transit country only. 

Find out more here >>

Åre Health Care Center

Åre Health Care Center is usually open for drop-in every day of the week during the winter season. The center offers orthopaedic and first response emergency medical care.

Persons with symptoms consistent with the coronavirus or symptoms of a cold cannot visit the Health Care Center without calling in advance at +46-647-166 00. Click the link below to read more about opening hours and more.

Click here to visit their website >>

Using digital services for booking and more

All who wish to book a lift pass, check in at SkiStar’s accommodations, rent their ski gear etcetera, will be able to do so digitally. The digital options are available via the ski area operator SkiStar website and their app, and have been introduced both to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona infection and to make it easier to use their services. In the ski area, a number of precautions have been taken to prevent spreading the disease, such as the introduction of pens at the largest lifts to make queueing easier, and only a given number of people will be allowed in the heating cabins.

Read more about SkiStar’s digital services for a smoother booking experience here >>

Important links for further reading (Emergency Information from Swedish Authorities)

1177 Vårdguiden – information about the corona pandemic (National Health Care Advisory Service)

1177 Vårdguiden – general information for foreign citizens (National Health Care Advisory Service)

SkiStar (Ski Arena Operator)

Åre Hälsocentral (in Swedish only)

Folkhälsomyndigheten (Sweden’s Public Health Agency)

Utrikesdepartementet (Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

Sweden Abroad (Sweden’s Embassies and Consulates)

Last updated 23 November 2021


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