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Ottsjö 12K

6 Aug, 2022
10:30 - 11:30

Ottsjö 12K is an alternative for those who want to experience a beautiful and memorable course in mountain terrain, without having to embark on the full marathon distance or Salomon 27K´s tough course.

With its 12 km and 350 meters of elevation gain, Ottsjö 12K is still a real challenge and the perfect first step in a long-term staircase towards the final goal of one day testing the Salomon 27K or KIA Mountain Marathon.

From the start in Ottsjö, the participants travel along Ottsjön and then pass through the village up via Platåkåtan and the beautifully drawn Platåleden away to Hållvallsleden where the runners fold back down towards the new finish area created on the meadows in Ottsjö.

Run with your child

We continue with the success of previous years, the opportunity to run with their children. Registration of runners for one up to three children is done via team registration to Ottsjö 12K and the special price, SEK 200, is generated for children aged 10-14 automatically. The age limit for these races is otherwise 14 years and the requirement is that accompanying runners for the minor children have contact with the children throughout the race.

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