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Summer 2021

Summer 2021! The people in Åre are quick to create new activities, new meeting places, develop activities or anything at all having to do with the village. This summer is no exception. Here you’ll find this year’s news for the summer season as well as a few teasers for biking, hiking, trail running, working remotely and more.

Hiking & Trail Running

Hike and run, high, low, long and short! Pack your backpack with tasty provisions, put on your running shoes or lace up your boots and get ready to enjoy the world’s best hiking and trail running!


Start by choosing where you want to walk or run! In the DIGITAL TRAIL MAP, ÅRE TRAILS, you’ll find hiking and trail running trails to suit most people. Since last season, there is also a NEW AND UPDATED GUIDE MAP for hiking and trail running that is available digitally and in printed format. You can pick up the paper map in SkiStar shops, at the Tourist Office and at hotel reception areas. The map contains QR codes that you can use to find digital descriptions of different routes.

On SkiStar’s website you’ll find INFORMATION on how to use the lifts for hiking and running as well as a route map and information with the degree of difficulty for different trails. During the summer of 2021, STENDALSRUNDAN will receive a PICK-ME-UP with more footbridges to reduce wear on the trail. The good news is, it’s still open while the work is in progress!

If you want to try NEW AND BEAUTIFUL TRAILS with LESS PRESSURE, and that’s easy to get to, try Edsåsdalen, Trillevallen, Vålådalen and Storlien. Why not try beautiful Skäckerfjällen? They are all areas offering great hiking and trail running. Suljätten is also a perfect excursion destination, especially with adventurous children.


If you couldn’t be bothered making your own lunch bag, KAFFEBAREN AT VM8:an can do it for you with RENT A FIKA. Head there and order, wait a bit, get the daily lunch bag and you’re ready to go. If you prefer to make your own lunch bag, it should contain a few small and tasty things from one of Åre’s food producers. HERE YOU’LL FIND TIPS ÅRE’S TASTY FLAVOURS.

THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT MAKES HIKING a pleasure. If you’re going to walk on rocky and uneven terrain, boots are the best option to protect your ankles and knees. Dress according to the weather, don’t forget a dry change of clothes and warm rain clothes. If you don’t already have hiking equipment, RENT SOME, at Outdoor Buddies. Here you’ll find more companies that offer equipment rentals.

The national covid-19 restrictions are phased out during the summer which means BERGBANAN (the funicular, stablished in 1910) and KABINBANAN (the cable car, established in 1976) are open for business again. Go to SkiStar’s website for opening hours and more.

A well-earned break after hiking in Åre.

Anette Andersson

Trailrunning in Åre, with a view.

Niclas Vestefjell


Åre has Scandinavia’s largest Bike Park. Several investments have been made in new trails and Björnen’s biking area has been given a boost with, among other things, a large pump track that is suitable for both large and small children. Progress will continue throughout 2021 and we’ll be able to offer some more summer news.


ÅRE BIKE PARK OPENS JUNE 10, 2021, and will open with varying opening hours until September 26, 2021. OPENING HOURS and more information can be found here. Information on how to buy a BIKE PASS to Åre Bike Park can be found here.

HÖGZON opens June 24, 2021. The pump track at ÅRE TORG is open from May and its larger sibling in Björnen is planned to open in connection with the Åre Bike Park opening on June 10. You’ll find BIKING TRAILS ON THE DIGITAL TRAIL MAP, ÅRE TRAILS and via SKISTAR and HERE you will find loads of inspiration, great tips and more information about biking in Åre.


The trails GNISTAN, HACKAN, FLISAN, GRANITEN, SPETTET and TEKNIKSLINGAN are the latest additions in Björnen.  The hope is that they’ll be ready for riding on by Midsummer. A technique course will be built in Björnen during the summer. 

BICYCLE WORKSHOP WILL OPEN in Björnen this summer, which is staffed every day. Yippie! It’ll be Åre Bikes in collaboration with Skidcenter Björnen running it this year.

The downhill trail SERPENTINEN will get a FACE LIFT that’ll take place continuously throughout the summer. Some sections of the trail will be redirected while work is in progress. From the summer of 2021, SkiStar will launch its SPORTS & ADVENTURES concept. This includes TEEN CAMP-BIKE for children aged 8 to 15 years. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to try cycling in different forms, and of course to meet new friends.

SNÄLLTÅGET will have extra departures to and from Åre from July 7 to September 26 and has a special TRANSPORT FOR BICYCLES.

A break on top Åre's newest landmark.

Niclas Vestefjell

Biking for big and small in Åre Bike Park.

Emrik Jansson

Accommodations & Working Remotely

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from, stretching from a place in the mountains all the way to the centre of the village. Many accommodations offer, for example, hiking packages, guided tours, spa treatments, work-out facilities and so on. Here you can find YOUR ACCOMMODATION IN ÅRE.

Do you wish to bring YOUR FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND with you on your trip to Åre? If you want to take your dog on a trip to the mountains, there are hotels with special dog rooms. Here you’ll find more information about where you can stay with your furry friend. If you’re renting private accommodation, you can ask if it’s ok to bring your furry friend.

Stay for a longer period in Åre, and use the days to enjoy the nature and WORK FROM A DISTANCE. With the current situation, many have chosen to move the office out of the office and this “trend” seems to continue naturally. In Åre you can choose a LONG STAY at certain hotels, rent an apartment, a cabin, or rent someone’s private accommodation for a longer period. Bring your job, your studies and your home away from home for a while and try living in Åre. HERE YOU’LL FIND TIPS on things to keep in mind if you want to work remotely.


PENSIONAT (Guest House) MULLFJÄLLET in Duved is opening for the first time during the summer. A perfect alternative for those who want pleasant simplicity and good food made from local ingredients. Also, if you are not a guest at the guest house, you can still enjoy their breakfast. Gather a group of at least ten people and book in advance. Or knock on the door if you’re close by – they might be able to accommodate you.

SkiStar is opening its ACCOMMODATIONS in BJÖRNEN as well during the summer. Click the link to find it.

If you want to work in Åre for a period and are looking for an OFFICE SPACE combined with LONG-TERM ACCOMMODATION or even accommodation for SHORTER PERIODS, House Be offers both a workplace and accommodation via Stay by House Be Åre. Of course, you can also rent only office space via House Be.

More ways to travel to Åre

It’s easy to get to Åre – not least by train that goes straight through the village and connects to junctions in the north and south. By the summer of 2021, it will be even easier to get to Åre by train.

SNÄLLTÅGET HAS MORE DEPARTURES this year, starting July 7th until September 26th. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Snälltåget departs from Malmö and heads via Stockholm to Åre. On Thursdays and Sundays, the train turns south again. Luggage trolley for bicycles available! Read more here.

Did you know that there are plenty of places where you can charge your electric vehicle on the way to and while in Åre? Here you’ll find where and other useful tips on traveling to Åre!

Food & Beverages

Ice cream, tasty beverages, locally produced, a quick meal on the go, packed lunch for your hike, gourmet dinner or a large plate of traditional Swedish fare – Åre is full of opportunities for dining experiences and good service. In Åre, Björnen and Duved, there are plenty of places to enjoy, whether you want lunch, dinner or just something good to soak up in the afternoon sun. And yes, there are places where you can treat yourself to hiking, biking or jogging.

As of this year, HUMMELSTUGAN is open all summer long and the terrace is open with Hummelstugan’s own summer menu with a Jämtland theme. You can have “the best lunch on the mountain” when the lifts are open. In May you can BOOK A MEAL-TO-GO at HOTELL GRANEN which is also open all summer.

If you can’t or don’t want to make your own lunch bag, but still want one, RENT A FIKA is the option for you. Go to Kaffebaren at the VM8:an, order your coffee and take your LUNCH BAG with you on your hike, your trail running trip or your cycling adventure.

Duved is growing fast and there are several restaurants worth trying. For example, RESTAURANG TRÄGÅRN is open this summer for those who want to enjoy locally produced good food.

At ÅRE FJÄLLSÄTRA in UNDERSÅKER, the restaurant is open from June 30 but from June 21 you can also buy food boxes that you can heat up in their diner. Find their opening hours here. Also, don’t miss their After bike, and having your breakfast at the same place.

A FOODTRUCK called Tjabos will be available by the biking trails in Björnen this summer, from Midsummer to the middle of August. Follow @tjabosare on Instagram for more information.

SKIER’S HÜTTE will be open this summer. From July onwards, you can taste their tasty raqlettes with side dishes from the Alps and Jämtland. Book a table in advance and ask for a lift if you like. Otherwise you can hike or bike to the hut which is an easy, 3 kilometer ride. When someone has booked you can also drop in for a coffee and snacks.

LILLÅSTUGAN in Ullådalen is open during the summer and even in the autumn. Wonderful waffles, food and more is on the menu and it’s well worth a visit as a destination or as a stop along the trail.

View from the Lake Åresjön.

Niclas Vestefjell

Find your accommodation, and stay a little longer.



So, is Åre the best at creating things to do? Perhaps. In any case, it’s quite certain that there are LOADS OF FUN ACTIVITIES to find in addition to the obvious great hiking and biking. Here you’ll find some new and classic tips for the summer of 2021.

The NEW OUTDOOR GYM and obstacle course was built in the summer of 2020 and is just waiting to be used. There are also plans for a new kayak and SUP center with wooden decks and dining. ÅRE BEACH (Åre strand) has received a major facelift and there are walking paths, BBQ area, marina and more. Speaking of OUTDOOR GYM, you’ll also find one at BJÖRNEN’S XC ARENA.

CAMPING is now TRENDY, and also, it’s fun. But, you don’t have to go on a weekly trip with 25 kilos on your back. You can go out, walk, run or cycle a short trip and pitch the tent where it suits you to enjoy mountain life. If you don’t own tents and other equipment, you can rent from various companies, for example by Outdoor Buddies.

If you’re looking for FISHING EQUIPMENT, Fjällsport in Duved can help you. Another option is to PUT A TENT ON THE CAR ROOF so you can sleep over basically anywhere. Taktältarna in Åre have invested ahead of this summer by increasing the number of tents available for rent.

2021 is the premiere for SkiStars SPORTS & ADVENTURES. The concept includes packages with accommodation, camps, adventures, hiking and much more that you’ll find here. A brand new CLIMBING PARK with ZIPLINE is being built in Björnen and is planned to open by midsummer. Book a spot for you, your family or a group of friends in the SkiStar app or on

PADEL ON! During the summer, Holiday Club continues to offer PRE-BOOKED PADEL COURTS with a special offered called MOUNTAIN PADEL. Guests who book Mountain Padel have guaranteed playing times throughout their stay, but you can also book a court without being a guest at the hotel.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy paddling and gliding over calm waters. In that case, a kajak is an excellent means of transportation. EXPLORE ÅRE offers CANOE RENTAL and GUIDING from the summer of 2021. Find out MORE about canoes, kayaks, rafting and more here.

JÄRV ÄVENTYR (Wolverine Adventures) are newcomers in Åre. Welcome! August 13-14 it’s time to challenge brain and body in their challenges which of course includes great views and some difference in altitude. Read more on their website and our EVENT PAGE which you can find here.

Subject to change. The article is continuously updated.

Last updated 15 July 2021