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Hot chocolate with extra everything

This warming drink is clearly always the best reward after a tough hour or two in the rough winter. 

Every restaurant and café on the slopes in Åre serves its own variety of hot chocolate. Some from a machine, others are cooked by hand and served in coffee kettles and most of them are topped with whipped cream. Then we have some that go a little further. Where every cup of the noble hot drink is made just for you – the same second as you order it and not a moment before.

# Åre Chokladfabrik

If you’re looking for chocolate heaven, you’ll find it at Åre Chokoladefabrik. Hot chocolate is made from real chocolate over the counter at their chocolate bar and a lot of chocolate it will be. You choose flavour and toppings.

# Grädda

At Grädda’s bakery and cafét, they melt real chocolate then mix it with warm milk and top it with a luxurious crown of whipped cream. grä

Last updated 15 May 2019


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