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Foto: Niclas Vestefjell

Gear & Packing Tips for Trail Biking

It might not be obvious for everyone so we have gathered a few valuable points on gear and packing tips for trail biking here!

Pack lightly but keep in mind that the weather changes quickly in the mountains so backup clothing is recommended. Extra energy is a necessity and packing light is always a smart way to go. Energy bars, bananas, nuts and water is a good base, but if you’re a gourmand at heart you’ll surely have all kinds of exciting snacks for your picnic stops along the way. 

If you’re several people biking together, try distributing the gear amongst you. Not everyone needs to bring a pump, for example. A common mistake is putting on way too much clothing from the start, so a little tip is to dress lightly but to pack something warm as you’ll quickly build up heat as soon as you start cycling.


  • Water and/or sports drinks (preferably via the backpack fluid system). Bottle water also works and can be replenished from watercourses during the tour. 
  • Energy bars and/or snacks
  • First aid kit 
  • Extra clothing, wind/rain jacket, long-sleeved shirt
  • Small pump and hose 
  • Toolkit 
  • Chain breaker and chain link 
  • Sunglasses 
  • 100 SEK for e.g. parking, ice cream or other unexpected that requires cash.

From a safety perspective, it’s best to ride with a friend. 

Read here for more info on rules and security.



It’s preferable to have a full suspension bike in Åre for a good flow both uphill and down. A hardtail in a mountain environment becomes quite a challenge as the terrain is usually extremely varied and messy. In other words, it gets hard and bumpy.

Cycling Shoes

Avoid regular gym shoes, they’re usually too soft. A pair of  shoes with hard soles and / or shoes that you can click into the pedals is preferred. The advantage of cycling shoes that have click pedal function is they provide a better ride plus you can easily react to obstacles. Better conditions for a better technique and the bike will be with you in a smoother way.


Select a helmet that sits well and can be adjusted in a sensible way. The most important thing is that it sits well and is not too big. Good ventilation is nice. Shade is good against both sun and rain. Change your helmet every five years for safety reasons.


Some go all-in on spandex; others choose a slightly more spacious cycling jersey and shorts. The latter is likely to be more a rule than exceptions in these. Padded bike pants are pleasant for a more comfortable ride. Don’t forget to leave your underwear at home as they tend to scratch a lot under bike pants.


Are nice to partly relieve the pressure under the hand (prevents numbness) and good as protection if you take a dive. You’ll also get a better grip.


A backpack with a fluid system is always good. The size of the backpack depends on your need for packing space.

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Last updated 15 August 2022


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