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Dog Sledding - A Silent Adventure

As we know, nature has a soothing effect on humans. And dogs are the perfect companions when it comes to bringing out the best in us. If you are looking for a soothing but pacey experience where the animals, the nature and YOU are in focus, dog sledding in Åre is the perfect choice.

It is likely that the dog breeds that are most commonly used in dog sledding today, such as Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky, have been around for a couple of thousand years. No one knows when people started using dogs to pull sleds but it is believed that indigenous people in Mongolia and East Siberia used dog sleds as a means of transportation. 

Dog Sledding – A Long Tradition

Today, dog sledding is mostly for fun and competition, as our infrastructure is (well…) quite different than it was in Mongolia and East Siberia millennia ago. Travelling through the wilderness, accompanied only by the sound of the sled medes and the dogs’ breaths, is a truly meditative experience. You will be closer to nature than you are used to and you can even try to pilot the sled yourself and learn the tricks of this traditional way of transportation. If dog sledding sounds like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to contact the companies in the list below.

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Björnens hundspann

Riverlodge Huskys

Sleddog Adventures

Book Dog Sledding Tours in Åre

Björnens hundspann |

You can chose to go on a two-hours excursion, a lunch- or dinner tour, an evening tour, a package deal that includes dinner or maybe you want to pilot the sled yourself? Contact Björnen’s Dog Sleds (Björnens hundspann) for an unforgettable experience in Åredalen.

Explore Åre | / Åre Nature Adventures AB |

Take a ride in the silence and enjoy eating your dinner under the stars. This tour takes you through the typical Swedish wilderness and halfway through you will sit down by a campfire and cook your dinner from of local produce. Afterwards, you will get to try the delicious traditional kolbulle – a ”colliers’ pancake” – and of course, there’s coffee. 

Puls Camp Åre |

Book a two hour tour where the dogs will carry you over frozen waters and through snowy forests. After, there’s fika on offer and a chance to get really close to and get to know the lovely, hard working dogs.

Åreguiderna/Riverlodge Huskys |

Åreguiderna and Riverlodge Huskys can bring you on shorter or longer sled tours where food or fika is included in the price. You can borrow a warm parka, goggles and warm boots so that you can just relax and enjoy the ride. If you want to, you can also help prepare the dogs before you set off.

Åre Sleddog Adventures |

With their 50 strong Alaskan Huskys, Åre Sleddog Adventures, who’s been in business since 1984, will bring you along for longer or shorter tours, conference tours and even summer tours. There’s plenty to chose from and you can also try to pilot the sled yourself.

Last updated 22 February 2021