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Åre Bike Park

Åre Bike Park is not only one of the world’s largest bike parks, but it’s also been crowned one of the best in the world, and maybe even of the oldest. Above all else, it’s a fantastic adventure for riders of all levels and all ages.

The creation of Åre Bike Park began under the radar before the Mountain Bike WC 2019 by a few of local enthusiasts who saw potential in and around Mt. Åreskutan. The world championships became an obvious success and the digging and building process continued over the slopes, through the forests, and through the blood and sweat of local enthusiasts. Eventually SkiStar jumped in, joined forces, and began developing trails and implementing lifts for the park.

Åre Bike Park opened in 2005 and has since then landed on several international cycling media lists as one of the top 10 best bike parks in the world. It’s been filmed, photographed, and blogged in all possible ways, and every year has attracted some of the world’s best riders to Åre to test their skills and boundaries. What mostly is considered to set this bike park in a very special box is the combination of barren mountain, stony trails, roots, fast singletracks, machine built trails, natural old-school downhill and a fast lift access to it all. The best part is that Åre Bike Park continues to grow and develop every year. So, the next time you come, you’re guaranteed something new.

Biking for everyone’s tastes


If downhill’s what you’re after, nowhere beats Åre. 37 trails for all ages, levels, and desires with ongoing lifts from the beginning of June till the end of September. What makes Åre Bike Park unique is the never-ending variation. From barren mountains with mile-long views to technical trails, fast single tracks, machine-built jump lines and rolling trails for all levels.

One ride from the top down to the village takes over 20 minutes (no need to be ashamed if it takes you longer, just means longer enjoyment time), and offers a unique ride through several plant zones (Hardiness Zones). This is one experience you’ll remember for a long time. The trails have names such as Flinbanan, Easy Rider and Tjärnis stig and you’ll find all the trails and descriptions here. Try them out and find your favourite!

Trails – Åre Bike Park Downhill

Total trails: 37
Green – Very Easy: 7
Blue – Easy: 10
Red – Intermediate: 10
Black – Difficult: 10
Maximum descent | 872 meters
Total lifts | 2-6 depending on the time of season: Kabinbanan (Cable Car), VM8:an, VM6:an, Hummelliften, Gondolen (Gondola), Bergbanan (Funicular)

Trail map, opening hours for lifts and trails >>

Trail Biking + Cross Country

Now downhill isn’t for everyone, at least maybe not at the beginning of your biking career. That’s why there’s an ever-growing part of Åre Bike Park with trails for Cross Country (XC) biking. This is where you can ride both up and down the trails instead of taking the lift up and racing down.

XC trails wind round in loops of varying length and difficulties in and around Björnen. Here you’ll find everything from short green and blue trails for both children and adults, to the longer and tougher trails where you’ll fight a little more uphill and enjoy a jump or two on the way down. At least one thing all the trails have in common is a high dose of curves creating a perfect rush of adrenaline to get your stomach racing.

The starting point for these trails is at Björnens Trail Center where there’s also a “skill centre” with various props to practise on. Balance boards, seesaws, sections with logs and boulders to get over, pump tracks and much more. These will help you get started and become comfortable with your bike in different types of terrain. The trails have been named in connection with the historic Fröå Copper Mine, which is within walking distance of the bike park. The trails have names such as Mineralen, Tändhatten and Stånggången and you can find descriptions of the trails here.

Trails – Åre Bike Park Trail

Total trails: 14
Green – Very Easy:
Blue – Easy:
Red – Intermediate: 2

Trail map and more trail information >>

Lifts and Trail Pass

You’ll need a trail pass to ride in Åre Bike Park which can be bought through SkiStar. You can buy it either on site in Åre or Björnen, in one of SkiStar’s shops, or most easily online at Skistar.com. Helmet is mandatory for everyone riding in the park.

At Skistar you’ll find more information such as trail maps, the lifts’ opening hours, current information about weather and much more.

Follow @arebikepark on Facebook for updated, daily information and not least inspiration.

More Biking

Biking in Åre doesn’t end at Åre Bike Park. You’ll also find road cycling and on many of the long, nice gravel roads you can do some serious gravel cycling with bikes adapted for just that. There’s also a paved pump track and gravel to grind in some new tricks. Read more about all imaginable types of cycling in Åre here, tips on where to take breaks, spots to take a quick dip and much more. The only question left is whether or not summer is long enough to try it all?

Last updated 1 August 2023


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