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Work or Study While on Vacation

Longstay and workation are increasingly popular ways of changing your everyday life. Working or studying remotely gives you an opportunity to stay somewhere other than at home to combine your work or studies and vacation. The Workation or Longstay is becoming increasingly popular and there are more and more options for longstaying guests. Here are a few tips if you are thinking about spending a longer period of time in Åre.

Securing a roof over your head is the first thing on the list if you are planning to stay in Åre for a longer period of time. And it is a good thing to not only think about the costs but also the location and whether your planned accommodation suits your needs.

Some questions to start with:

  • Are there grocery stores and other service points near by or is it okay-to not have those things within walking distance?
  • Is public transportation available where your accommodation is located?
  • Is parking included in your accommodation?
  • Does the rent include Internet connection?
  • Is there enough space for inviting friends and family to stay?
  • Is there a desk or another comfortable option for you to sit at?

When you have decided what type of accommodation you are looking for you can start by checking with the accommodation services that are available in Åre. You can also check at and various Facebook pages if there are private housing options available for rent.

Some hotels have longstay offers which is a comfortable option (see below). Hotels that don’t have specific longstay offers might also adjust their price if you are staying for a longer period of time.


Check outside Åre village, for example in Tegefjäll, Ullån, Duved or Undersåker. The pricing is often a bit lower there than in central Åre.

Find Your Longstay Accommodation

Chose from different types of accommodation, like a cottage, a small house, apartments or hotel rooms. You can rent via private house owners, hotels or accommodation service providers.

Åre Fjällsätra, Undersåker

This is a hotel with an intimate atmosphere, great rooms and good food. Undersåker village is located 16 kilometres east of Åre and is well connected with Åre via trains and buses. Fjällsätra offers different options of longstay accommodation which you can find here >>

Köjagården, Edsåsdalen

Köjagården is located in beautiful Edsåsdalen south of Åre. It takes about 25 minutes by car from central Åre to reach Edsåsdalen. They have longstay options and you can contact them directly for more information and booking. Go to the website here >>

Ago, Åre

Ago i Åre provides accommodation service for private and commercial accommodation options in and around Åre. They offer longstay options in the summer and autumn and if you wish to book at other times of the year, you can contact them and discuss the best option for you. Go to their website here >>

Stay by House Be

If you wish to stay and work in Åre for a few months or during a shorter period, office hotel House Be can provide you with a workspace as well as near-by accommodation with additional services. Click this link to find out more.

Private Accommodation

At Airbnb and on social media (mainly Facebook), you can find privately owned accommodation in and around Åre. The price is usually stated per night but if you find an option that suits you, you can contact the owner to discuss a reduced price for renting for a longer period of time.  

Other Options

If you find a type of accommodation that you think suits your needs, you can contact the hotel/accommodation service in order to check with them if they have other offers. Trillevallens Högfjällshotell is one example where you will get one night for free if you book a room for no less than seven days. Åregården’s pricing is also adjusted according to how long a guest is planning to stay. It’s always worth asking the question!


If you don’t wish to work from your new home, there’s an office hotel where you can rent a work station. There are also other businesses that rent work space from time to time (browse for work space+Åre to find specific offers). You can also sit at the library which is located in the Station House. 

Darren Hamlin

Ago i Åre

Lisa Johansson

Good to Know For Your Workation/Longstay in Åre

Via this link you’ll find information about where to shop for groceries, where to find the pharmacy etcetera. 

If you’re bringing your pet, make sure to check beforehand that they are allowed in your accommodation.

No matter whether it’s a knitting course or regular morning swimming, it is a good thing to meet others with similar interests from time to time. Find inspiring activities for you and your family here >>

The ski bus allows you to travel from Björnen to Åre, to Tegefjäll and Duved during the winter season. Find out more here. The local public transportation system consists mainly of trains and buses. See more here >>

If you’re bringing a car, make sure that parking is included in your accommodation. Also, download the Mobilpark app for easy parking in Åre. Some of the SkiStar parking lots are chargeable which means you need to pay per minute/hour or have a parking permit. If you have a seasonal SkiPass you can add a fee which gives you free parking on all SkiStar’s parking lots (ask about it when you purchase your SkiPass). Read more about parking in Åre here >>


When you’re on your way, make sure that your mail has been forwarded or that someone takes care of it while you’re away.

Corona Information

When you have decided on taking a workation in Åre, you need to be able to feel safe. Also, there are things you need to know about the Swedish national Corona restrictions. Read more about testing, restrictions, guidelines and more here >>

And here are some tips on how to experience Åre in a safe way >>

Last updated 12 May 2021


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