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Conference activities in Åre - Spring & Fall

Photo: Anette Andersson

From the beginning of spring’s greenery to the crisp and colourful autumn is a fantastic period in Åre – and the mountain’s range of activities is nearly endless. Hiking with magnificent views, nerve-wracking downhill cycling on Mt. Åreskutan, yoga on a mountain top or a cosy dinners around a campfire are just a few examples of activities that build team spirit and provide memories for life. Here are our top 16 best activity tips:

5 x Serene activities


Swap out conference rooms and computer screens at the hotel for a hike with your group in the mountains. The hiking trails on Mt. Åreskutan start from the centre square, but for the sake of simplicity take the lift up and start your tour on the top of the mountain. Mt. Åreskutan has enjoyable hiking trails, fresh mountain air and magnificent views. The absolute best conditions for creativity, new ideas and bubbling conversations.

Yoga in the mountains

Åre is probably Sweden’s most yoga-dense village. Yoga is practiced both on the water, in the mountains and in yoga studios. Ashtanga. Hatha. Kundalini. Yin. Global. Yoga for Old men. Seniors. SUP. Yoga really is an activity for everyone. Start your morning or afternoon with a wonderful and energizing yoga session out in nature’s playground. Let go of all your everyday stresses, just be in the now and rejuvenate with new energy.


Sometimes it’s the simplest of activities that provide the most. A quiet moment around a campfire with a simmering pot of coffee in our beautiful mountains ignites rewarding conversation and reflection.

Coffee break around the campfire

Photo: Anette Andersson

Yoga on a mountain top

Photo: Åre Media Network

Paddle on serene waters

Photo: Åreguiderna

Sauna on a raft and jump right into the water

Photo: Explore Åre

Hike and talk

Photo: Anette Andersson

SUP – Stand Up Paddling

Paddling on a stand up paddleboard is perhaps a little shaky at first, but with the help of a guide or two you’ll find the right technique and positioning on the board in order to glide upon Åre’s calm waters more easily. There are both larger and smaller paddle adventures, but what they all have in common are nature experiences beyond the ordinary.

Outdoor Pool & Sauna

After a day in the mountains, it’s nice to end with a sauna and swim. A sauna raft floats on Lake Åresjön inviting you to a refreshing dip in between sessions. If you prefer warm baths, Buustamon’s wood-fired hot tubs in the open air is your alternative.

5 x Adventure Activities


Åre boasts Scandinavia’s largest bike park with lifts and downhill trails on the front of Mt. Åreskutan and a large XC mountain bike area in Björnen. With the help of guides, you’ll find suitable trails with varying degrees of difficulty and a pace so everyone in the group can enjoy a day of fun on two wheels. Downhill has a little more adrenaline while trail cycling requires a little more effort up the slopes before heading down on rolling trails through the forest. Tip: Electric Mountain bikes provide an easier ride.

Climbing Park

You’ll find Åre’s climbing park to be a fun challenge among the treetops. The park consists of nine courses with different levels of difficulty and contain a total of over 80 different elements placed in and between the treetops where monkey bars, lianas and climbing walls are some examples. Ziplines run between the courses, the longest is 62 meters and offers a wild ride over Björnen’s ski slopes.

White Water Rafting

Åre’s rapids are world class and we’d be lying if we said river rafting won’t make your adrenaline pump. Luckily you can choose between easier and more challenging runs. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have loads of fun, and get a bit wet!

River rafting

Photo: JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Mountain Cart

Photo: Explore Åre


Photo: JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Mountain Carting

Mountain carting is a large tricycle with off-road tires that’ll give you a breath-taking ride down Mt. Åreskutan’s trails. The speed is easily regulated by handbrake, so you regulate your own pace. A coffee stop along the road with Renfjället and Mullfjället as a backdrop is a must!

Cave Exploring

In a beautiful ancient forest area at the back of Mt. Åreskutan is the Kvarnbäck labyrinth – a cave system with up to 350 meters long passages. You’ll be equipped with overalls, helmets, and headlamps. With the help of experienced guides, you’ll crawl into the cave and explore the system. A challenge for both body and mind!

3 x Culinary Activities

Dinner Outdoors

To gather around an open fire and cook dinner together is a winning concept every day of the week – whether it be a simple dish or a grand three-course meal. Take a seat on a reindeer hide and enjoy the evening’s food and beverages while the sun slowly sets over the valley. An experience to put in the vault!

Åre Chokladfabrik

For over 30 years, the local chocolate factory Åre Chokladfabrik has provided the world with handmade chocolates of the highest quality. Approx. nine million pralines so far! Every year carefully handmade pralines leave the factory – the truffles are made, the pralines are cut into squares, dipped, garnished, and placed in paper cones. A visit here is tailored entirely to your own wishes, but one thing is for sure, you’ll get to peek into the factory and learn everything you need to know about chocolate – and of course get to taste the delicious truffles. Or, book a chocolate tasting event where Åre Chokladfabrik comes to you.

Hiking with a taste of Åre

A short gastronomic mountain hike or historical walk through the village with a few stops along the way where you can enjoy locally produced delicacies such as cheese, charcuterie, chocolate, and drinks while learning more about the village’s gastronomy. A deliciously divine combo!

Dinner outdoors

Photo: Anette Andersson

Pralines in the making at Åre Chokladfabrik

Photo: Mari Forsell

Conference coffee break

Photo: Anette Andersson

3 x Gems

Summiting Mt. Åreskutan

Stand together on Mt. Åreskutan’s peak 1420 m above sea level with a view of the entire mountain world surpasses most things in life. Summiting Mt. Åreskutan doesn’t have to be so extreme. Instead of hiking up from the bottom of the village, take the cable car up to 1274 m above sea level in just seven minutes, then it’s only a 2.1 km hike with a climb of 187 m left.

Morning Coffee

Imagine your first cup of coffee in the morning being served with a beautiful view – it’s the ultimate start to your day. You won’t have to go far, try the view from the mountain side just above the village or head down to the lake and enjoy the view over Lake Åresjön and the mighty Mullfjället.


The water rushes, thunders, roars, changes colour and continues its journey downstream just as it’s done for ages. Tännforsen is Sweden’s largest waterfall and is a powerful experience all year round.

+ even more

In addition to these, there are a number of other experiences and classic team building activities such as pentathlon in the mountains, build your own toboggan and host your own Åre Winter Games. Contact one of Åre’s activity companies for more information regarding tailored experiences.

Reach a mountain top together

Photo: Holiday Club

Tännforsen waterfall

Photo: Anna Öhlund

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