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Bucket List

Photo: Darren Hamlin

Here are 20 things to check off your Åre Summer bucket list. If you don’t have time during this visit, there’s no worries…It’s just means you’ll have to come back.


→ Climb to the top of Mt. Åreskutan.

→ Go skinny dipping in mountain water.

→ Throw a summer snowball.

→ Drink water from a mountain stream.

→ Bike downhill from Mt. Åreskutan.

→ Have a cup of Åre Kafferosteri’s award-winning coffee.

→ Experience seeing Åre from above while tandem paragliding.

→ Eat Grädda’s award-winning ice cream made from Milk from Åre Bondgård.

→ Camp out by a tarn.

→ Canoe to the other side of Mt. Åresjön.

→ Enjoy evening coffee at Nalleklippan during sunset.

→ Catch a fish.

→ See the sunrise from Totthummelen’s peak.

→ Enjoy total silence.

→ Yoga on the mountain.

→ Ride the cable car.

→ Drink locally brewed beer outdoor at a restaurant.

→ Run on a trail.

→ Stay awake and experience the magical summer light.

→ Roast a sausage from Undersåker over an open fire.

Last updated 30 June 2021


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