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Best time of the year in Åre

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

So, when’s the best time to visit to Åre? This valley has so much to offer year-round that it’s not always easy to choose. But you can relax. We’re here to help you make the right decision according to the season, the lifts’ opening hours, the village tempo, events, and activities. Here is your complete guide to Åre’s seasons.

Fira jul i Åre


At the beginning of December, Åre is usually nestled in a soft layer of snow and depending on the amount of snow on the slopes, some lifts may have already opened. The month begins quite quietly, but during the Lucia weekend the season kicks-off rapidly and the whole of Åre opens up with skiing, après ski and nightclubs.

The Christmas atmosphere takes over the village during the first Advent. Just in time for Christmas Eve, Christmas celebrations arrive lighting up the village with thousands of Christmas lights during the dark afternoons. The following week is exchanged for the New Year celebrations – and the pulse in the village is maxed.

Lifts: As soon as SkiStar can offer good ski conditions, they’ll open as many lifts as possible in Åre and Duved’s lower ski area. The week before Christmas Björnen’s ski area will also open. Kabinbanan and the Gondola up to the top of Mt. Åreskutan open as soon as there is enough snow in the higher grounds. Keep an eye here for updated information on open lifts.

Evening skiing is offered from mid-December as well as during the Christmas holidays. Some lifts in various ski areas also have extended opening hours in the afternoon.

Selected happenings: Ski Test Weekend, Christmas Holidays.

Tips: There are many visitors during the Christmas and New Year holidays, so be sure to be on the slopes early in the morning and have lunch before 11.30 or 13.30 to avoid possible queues.

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Riverlodge Huskys Hundspann - konferensaktiviteter i Åre vinter


The first week of January is the end of Christmas holidays in Sweden and there are many visitors in the village until Epiphany. After that the pace slows down in the village and on the slopes. Seize the opportunity to test Åre’s large range of activities – cross-country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and more.

Lifts: All lifts in the entire ski area are open except in Tväråvalvet and Stendalen. Various lifts are open extra-late during the Christmas holidays. Evening skiing is offered throughout January.

Selected happenings: Student Ski Weeks.

Tips: There is plenty of space on the slopes during the weeks after the Christmas holidays when most of the ski system is open for the season.

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Åre skiing


In February, the days start to get longer and brighter, and the lifts’ opening hours are extended. Skiing is in full focus when Tväråvalvet and Stendalen finally opens for the season higher up on Mt. Åreskutan. February is also the month of Sweden’s Spring break. The last two weeks of February are filled with ski families, and children’s activities are in focus.

Lifts: All lifts in the ski area are open. Some lifts in Duved and Björnen are open extra-late during Spring break and evening skiing is offered throughout February.

Selected happenings: Spring break – last 2 weeks of February.

Tips: The first two weeks in February are highly enjoyable as it’s quieter on the slopes – and with a little luck there’ll be a real dump of powder.

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skiing Åre


The sunlight is starting to warm up the village and a glorious winter month is here. March is the month for outdoor coffee in the sun, summit hikes, waffle breaks – and of course the entire range of winter activities in Åre.

The first two weeks are still Spring break and many visitors on the go. After that it calms down a bit and there is plenty of space in the village and on the slopes.

Lifts: All lifts in the ski area are open. During the first week in March, some lifts in Duved and Björnen are kept open extra-late. Evening skiing is offered until mid-March.

Selected happenings: Alpine World Cup, Spring break first two weeks in March.

Tips: During the first week in March (Spring break), it’s high season in the village with loads of visitors, so make sure to be on the slopes early in the morning and have lunch before 11.30 or 13.30 to avoid possible queues.

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Solgrop - turåkning i Ullådalen - Springtime Tips


In April, the in-between season spring-winter (which is a favorite to many locals) culminates – the days are longer, the temperature’s warmer and the sun shines its rays directly on your face. This period focuses on sun bathing in snow pits on the mountain, touring skis in Ullådalen and spring skiing in forgiving sorbet snow.

Easter is a great time in the mountains, and during the first week of Easter Åre is filled to the brim with holiday enthusiasts. The village is bubbling with happy events all the way to the big season finale led by music festival Åre Sessions.

Lifts: All lifts in the ski area are open. Some lifts in Duved and Björnen are open extra-late during the first week of the Easter holidays. The lifts in Åre close for the season the first weekend in May, while the ski areas Duved and Björnen close a week earlier.

Selected happenings: Easter, Åre Sessions, Red Bull Homerun.

Tips: Take advantage of the long bright days. After a full day on the slopes, there is plenty of time for other outdoor activities before dark.

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Three tips for ski touring in Ullådalen


The lifts close for the winter season the first weekend in May, and a real intermediate period begins. The pace here slows down significantly, and many businesses shut down for a couple of weeks to recharge their batteries before the summer season begins. But not everyone, however. So, visit the shops, head to the spa, eat well in the restaurants and above all, enjoy and relax. As a rule, it can be said that most places are open Thursday to Sunday.

Although it may feel like spring in the village, it’s completely different higher up in the mountains. The snow here remains well into May covering the hiking and biking trails. If you’re looking for action in the mountains, this is the month for cross-country skiing, both regular touring and Randonnée skis.

May is also calving season for reindeer, which are very sensitive to disturbances. Therefore, make sure to keep your distance, leave the animals alone and keep your dog on a leash.

Lifts: All lifts are closed.

Selected happenings: Workout Åre.

Tips: Enjoy the calm. Tighten up your XC ski boots and enjoy the snow still left on the mountains.

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Kajak på Åresjön Kayaking on the lake Åresjön


The first summer month of the year is here and the sun will almost never really set. Even if we don’t have complete midnight sun at this latitude, experiencing the long days in June is nearly that. The snow’s melted in the valley – but there’s still some left at higher altitudes until Midsummer. Starting in early June, Åre Bike Park keeps some trails and lifts open during the weekends. Otherwise, the pace in the village is quiet and calm until Midsummer weekend when it’s time for the official season premiere. Then hiking trails and bike trails in the bike park are open and the lifts start running daily.

The ground is still snowy and wet in various places higher up on the mountains in early June and nature is extra sensitive to wear and tear – therefore remember to only hike on open trails and to stay on the trail itself so that the surrounding ground is not damaged. Also remember that in June, nature is animals’ nursery, so show consideration and keep your distance.

Lifts: The Stjärnliften opens up first for the summer season followed by the cable car and Hummelliften. Find detailed information on lift opening hours here.

Selected happenings: Åre Extreme Week, opening of Åre Bike Park, official premiere of the summer season.

Tips: As the days are almost endless, you can choose to set out for activities, or just a quiet walk for picking wildflowers, around the clock. Also, if your goal is a relaxing holiday, June is the perfect time when the village is at half speed.

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Bad i Åresjön


The summer high season is here, and the village is filled with adventurous vacationists. Hiking, biking, trail running, kayaking, paragliding are just some of the activities to try. The beaches around Holiday Club and Åre Marina are popular places for the hot summer days. After an activity-packed day on the mountain, the village’s outdoor cafes attract with a relaxing “après mountain” and tasty dinners in the evening sun.

Lifts: The lifts run daily.

Selected happenings: Åre Bike Festival, Fjällmaratonveckan (Mountain Marathon Week) and many more, July is the most eventful month of the year in Åre.

Tips: In July, there is life and movement in the village and in the mountains from early morning to late evening – a fantastic month to experience Åre’s wonderful summer atmosphere.

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cykla stig i Åre Björnen | Trail cycling in Åre, Björnen


August is a month with a lot to offer – sunbathing and swimming, cycling, running, hiking, mushroom and berry picking. Schools in Sweden start around mid August, so the village becomes less crowded during this period. Stroll around the village, shop and eat well at the restaurants in the beautiful late summer sun.

Lifts: The lifts run daily until mid-August, then only on weekends.

Selected happenings: Fjällmaraton

Tips: If you plan to take the lift up the mountain to start your hike, just make sure to time the trip for the weekends during the last half of August as the lifts then only run during weekends.

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Vandra i Åre


In September, the colder air draws in and nature sparks in the colours of autumn. It is always beautiful in the mountains, but September is something very special. Both down in the village and in the mountains, there is life and movement when hiking, cycling, good food and general well-being are in focus.

Mother Nature is sensitive to wear and tear during this period, so avoid wet trails and protect our mountains.

Moose hunting starts the 1st of September in our area and lasts until 26th of September. The mountains do not close during hunting season, and you can always hike along the trails. The hunters will put up signs in the areas where hunting takes place, pay attention to these, and then choose another area for your hiking trip. It’s important to respect each other – then it’s easy to get along in the mountains.

Lifts: The lifts run Thursday – Sunday throughout September.

Selected happenings: September weekends, Åre Höstmarknad.

Tips: Although September can offer sun and balmy autumn winds, it can get really chilly when the mountain tops are powdered white by the first snow of the year. Be sure to pack a hat, gloves, and a warm jacket.

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This month of contrasts, right at the switch from the colourful autumn to the sparkling white winter, is a relatively quiet period. Autumn brings shorter and darker days, and the temperature drops over the valley. Some restaurants and shops reduce their opening hours, but most are open Thursday to Sunday.

The lifts are closed and so are the official trails for hiking and biking as the first snow usually settles in higher mountain terrain. The trails are generally very wet, and nature is extra sensitive to wear and tear. At the same time, preparations are now beginning for winter skiing and the summer trail markings located in the ski system have therefore been removed. But already in mid-October, it is time to prepare your cross-country skis as the neighboring village of Vålådalen usually opens some of the cross-country tracks using snow that was saved from the season before.

Swedish Autumn break starts at the end of this month, and for a week the village bursts up to full speed with loads of family activities.

Lifts: All lifts are closed.

Selected happenings: XC premiere in Vålådalen, Autumn break.

Tips: October is a high-contrast month, one day a balmy autumn and the next a full blizzard. Pack warm clothes and focus on activities down in the village, or keep an eye out for snow on the weather forecast and bring your ski touring gear if you are eager to be first out on skis for the season.

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Zipline Åre


November begins with Autumn break and the valley is filled with autumn holidaymakers. Around the village, family activities are arranged with a focus on “quality time together” all week long.

After that, the village enters a slightly calmer period, but the shops and restaurants are filled with anticipation and feverish activity for the coming winter season. Many restaurants are also starting to book their Christmas dinners.

The lifts are usually closed well into November, but SkiStar will open a few lifts as soon as they can offer good snow conditions. So, depending on the snow, it may be possible to take the first turns of the season during this month. Keep an eye out here.

Lifts: The lifts are closed until SkiStar can offer a good alpine product.

Selected happenings: Autumn break, possible ski premiere.

Tips: Celebrating the Autumn break in Åre means lots of time together with the whole family, far from everyday stress and screen time!

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Last updated 16 January 2024


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