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Vacation time

Photo: Anette Andersson

Summertime, Yippi!

July is here and that means summertime and holidays. The sky is blue and the sun is shining (hopefully, as the weather can change quickly in the mountains …). But regardless of the weather, the village, the mountains and the lake invite you to enjoy your days in Åre and the only thing you need to do is decide your own holiday tempo. Here are our best July tips:


Mt. Åreskutan offers easy access to hiking with magnificent views and the village has all the amenities you can imagine. Hiking in Åre is a winning concept if we can say so ourselves.

The hiking trails start from the central square, but if you don’t want to walk the entire way, take the lift and start your hike from there. The trails are varied, ranging from easy to more challenging day trips. After a day’s hike, take the lift down to the village again for an after-hike in the sun and dinner in a reputable restaurant. Crawl into a cosy hotel bed for a good night’s sleep, then start over again in the morning.

Hiking doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.


Do everything and do absolutely nothing. Åre is a natural amusement park and adventure waits around every corner, all hours of the day but we want to take a moment to enjoy the sleepy side of life.

Let the mountain’s soft moss become your daybed. Lie down and rest. Close your eyes and daydream or let your eyes rest on the beautiful views. Breathe. Take long deep breaths and fill your lungs with clean mountain air. Let your ears enjoy the only sound for miles around, the sound of the whispering wind. Enjoy the silence, repeat the process over and over again till you’re fully rested. Then you can take on the adventures of Åre’s natural amusement park.

Swimming and Sunbathing

For those who do not fear a little colder water, Ullån’s natural water park is a real hit. Small pools and stone slabs ground down into slides. Lined with plenty of sun-warming stones for sunbathing and then loads of lovely spots for beach bums.

If it’s cold and rainy in July (yes it has happened sometimes …) there’s a water park with a water slide and several different pools to try at Holiday Club Sports & Swim World.

Ship Ahoy!

In Lake Kallsjön, located behind Mt. Åreskutan, there’s a little gem named “M/S Drottning Sophia”. She’s quite old and has an interesting story. From having been a timber boat during her glory days to possibly becoming a summer cottage (!) In Stockholm, she has been back in her home port since the 1990s. And in the summer, she’ll make several tours between Kall, Huså, Bonäshamn and Västgård. Sometimes afternoon tea is served, sometimes lunch and sometimes just a little sightseeing. Welcome aboard and ship ahoy!

Aim for the top

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain. To enjoy the feeling that it’s not possible to climb any higher. If you’re in Åre it’s a must to head up to Mt. Åreskutan’s peak and it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. If you’re looking for a challenge, start in the central square and hike all the way up (trail 214 or 215). If you’re after a real challenge, choose the trail Vertical K which also starts at the central square. We can say it’s quite steep, but there are fixed ropes for support in certain areas.

If you’re short on time, have shaky knees or just want to take it a bit easy, then take the cable car and experience 860 height meters in 7 minutes. At the cable car’s mountain station, you only have 2.1 km and a rise of 187 left to Mt. Åreskutan’s peak (trail 214).

Claim your prize at the top with the view over Lake Åresjön, Lake Kallsjön, Snasahögarna and Oviksfjällen at 1420 MASL. It’s both magical and beautiful. While you’re there, visit Toppstugan’s café – Sweden’s highest café. A cup of coffee and a waffle never fails here.

Hang out in the village

Stroll about, check out this year’s news and let yourself be inspired by the stores’ stylish selection. Sit down at an outdoor dining area, eat something tasty and cool off with a cold beverage. Bring blanket and picnic basket to Åre Park. Enjoy a coffee in the central square and do some people watching. Walk along the beach, head to the jumping tower and see spectacular jumps. Last, but not least, eat ice cream in large quantities. Both Grädda and Åre Bageri shine with pride over their homemade gelato.

Fly fishing at Hästskotjärn

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Summer waffle at Bergstugan

Photo: Åre Destination

Åre XC Arena in Björnen

Photo: Jonas Kullman

Dive into a mountain tarn

Photo: Åre Destination

Take a boat trip on the lake Kallsjön


Fjällmaraton Week (Mountain Marathon)

During July no less than seven big events unfold, bike festival, golf tournament and extreme triathlon to name a few.

Last but not least the Fjällmaraton Week starts on July 28th – a week that grows stronger every year with more and more participants. But let’s not be fooled by the word “marathon”. There are several races throughout the week, so everyone who loves to run can participate. Take a chance to win a car by running the Copper Trail 7km! There’s even a mini marathon for kids, a quarter marathon and a half marathon, a total of ten different races.

The highlight of the week is of course the KIA Fjällmaraton. With its 43 km & 2100 height meters from Vålådalen over three mountains, Ottfjället, Hållfjället and the finishing Välliste down to the finish line at Trillevallen.

Summer Refreshments

Set tables in nature’s greens with table clothes and small summer bouquets. Flatbread wraps, a variety of small cakes and cookies and crispy waffles. Homemade cordials and coffee. During the summer, every Hembygdsgård (folk museum) rolls out their best Swedish fika.

Åre Hembygdsgård is just under three kilometres west of Åre if you take the old road towards Duved.

Enjoy a day of history at Fröå Gruva in Björnen and visit Bergstugan which among other things serves fantastic summer waffles with homemade ice cream.

So, swing by and experience a bygone era, take part of the history and enjoy the summer’s best coffee.

Cross Country Biking

The fact that Åre has a world class bike park for downhill cycling is probably no news, but that investments are beeing made for building Åre XC Arena is still less famous. Åre’s first machine dug XC trails “Mineralen” 4 km and “Kopparn” 6,5 km are located in Björnen. They are both blue, relatively wide with an even surface, wooden bridges and nice curves. Fun for everyone!

And for all mini-cyclists there is for example “Valles gruvgång” (Mining path) – a 100-meter green link. More trails are beeing built for each season.

Catch your own dinner

In the right water, with the right boat and the right bait, dinner is guaranteed to be caught. Probably in the form of a trout or char, but pike, grayling, perch, whitefish and maybe a little burbot are also hiding in the deep waters of the Åre. Go fish!

Last updated 14 August 2019


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