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Photo: Frida Berglund

10 Summer Tips to Åre in July

July equals summer and holidays. We hope to see the sun shining from a blue sky, contrasting the greenery that covers all of Åre this time of year. Regardless of the weather, Åre will offer cool and relaxing days and the only thing you need to do is find your own pace, and maybe go through some of our tips for July in Åre!

1. Climb the mountain tops

Åre offers hiking in all forms, for big and small, and for any level of ambition. From the village you can choose to climb Mt. Åreskutan from the valley or gain some of the altitude by lift and hike only the remaining part of the climb. All according to will and ability. You can also go westwards from Åre Square and head for Ullådalen and Mullfjället. Or Eastwards up Totthummeln or towards Sadeln. If you’d like to try your luck outside Åre by there are plenty of trails to choose from. Use you digital trail guide Åre Trails to find your way. Regardless of your ability and experience, you will be able to find something that suits you. End your day of hiking with something tasty on a patio by Åre town square.

2. Be lazy

There’s a lot of talk about activities in Åre. Åre is a natural theme park and there’s so much to experience! But it’s important to be idle sometimes too. Let the soft moss of the mountains become your day bed. Rest. Close your eyes and meditate for a bit or let your gaze rest on the beautiful views. Breathe. Take deep breaths and fill your lungs with the clean mountain air. Listen. Let your ears be surprised to hear nothing but the wind. Enjoy the silence. Let your heart beat slower. And then, go back to experiencing all that Åre has to offer in terms of activities. Here are some calm options.

3. Get wet & warm up

Go kayaking, try SUP – stand up paddle boarding or whitewater rafting, and enjoy the bathing places Åre has to offer. Among all the lakes and mountain tarns there are several nice beaches for taking a refreshing swim. If, against all odds (ok, it has been known to happen), the weather offers cold temperatures or rain in July, there’s an indoor water park, including a water slide and different pools at Holiday Club Sports & Swim World, and spas to enjoy at, for example, Copperhill. And if you’re one of those who bathes regardless of temperature, it’s a good idea to explore Åre’s sauna options.

4. Participate in an event

In July, there are loads of large and small events arranged with Åre as the arena. Mountains, forests and lakes are filled with runners, bikers, paddlers, hunters, golfers and God knows everything, all of whom come to participate in the multitude of activities on offer. There really is something here for everyone! Whether you want to give it your all, try something new or cheer others on. What do you choose?

5. Ship Ahoy!

In Lake Kallsjön, located on the north side of Mt. Åreskutan, there’s a little gem named “M/S Drottning Sophia”. She’s quite old and has an interesting story. From having been a timber boat during her glory days to possibly becoming a summer cottage (!) in Stockholm, she has been back in her home port since the 1990s. And in the summer, she’ll make several tours between Kall, Huså, Bonäshamn and Västgård, with Åreskutan and Skäckerfjällen mountains as backdrop. Sometimes afternoon tea is served, sometimes lunch or dinner and sometimes just a little sightseeing. Welcome aboard and ship ahoy!

Dive into a mountain tarn

Photo: Åre Destination

Summer waffle at Bergstugan

Photo: Åre Destination

Fly fishing at Hästskotjärn

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Åre XC Arena in Björnen

Photo: Jonas Kullman

M/S Drottning Sophia

6. Discover the Åre Village

Stroll around, do some shopping, let yourself be inspired in Åre’s shops, have a seat at a café or beer garden, have a coffee by the water or buy some goodies and make a picnic bag that you can enjoy in the park or some place with a view. Åre Village is bigger than it might seem at first so make sure to really explore and enjoy it while you’re here. And eat ice cream. A lot of it. Grädda offer nonpareil gelato on their menu – don’t miss it.

7. Run to the hills

Run through lush forests, across bare mountains with stunning views, on stony trails, high peaks and in deep valleys. Trail Running in Åre means filling your lungs with fresh mountain air and moistening dry throats at rippling brooks. And, if you wish to explore Åre’s trails on your own, go to the digital trail guide Åre Trails to find the best option for you. If you have little experience, or if you have plenty of it but wish to explore more, maybe you’d like to book a guide? Check out or best Trail Running tips here. Already an experienced mountain runner? Don’t miss Åre Fjällmaraton – a week of running for all runners, regardless of level and ambition!

8. Enjoy summer fika

Seven types of cookies, fresh waffles, home made juices and lots of coffee: during the summer there are plenty of pop up cafés to visit in and around Åre. One example is Bergstugan near historical Fröå Gruva where you’ll find home made pastries, waffles and much more. Find more cosy summer cafés here >>

9. Explore Björnen

The Björnen* area next to Åre is growing. During the summer there are plenty of activities for the whole family, great accommodations and things to do for large and small children to enjoy. Apart from hiking trails, an outdoor gym and great restaurants, Björnen is the center for cross country biking in Åre with lots of biking trails, a pump track, a skills area for technique training and more for cyclists of all ages and levels of experience. There’s also a climbing park among the trees complete with ziplines and other challenging features.

*Björnen = Swedish for The Bear

10. Catch your own dinner

In the right waters, using the right gear and bait, you can catch your own dinner. With a little luck and some patience you can catch trout, loach, pike, whitefish, grayling or any of the other fish that lies waiting in the waters in Åre. Find out more about fishing permits and more here and get your gear at Fjällsport in Duved. 

Last updated 10 June 2024