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And they're biting in Åre

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Itching to go fishing? In Åre, it is mainly Trout and Char that bite, but there are also Perch, Pike, Whitefish, Grayling and Burbot. 

# 1 Lake Åresjön

You can fish year round in Lake Åresjön. An easily accessible lake where your best chance of catching anything is by boat but you’re welcome to try your luck from the beach as well.

Fish: Trout, Char

2 # Helgesjön

Highlands fishing in a mountainous environment. The best fishing here is by boat, which is available for rent at Helgesjöns FVOF.

Fish: Perch, Pike, Whitefish, Grayling and Burbot

3 # Undersåkersälven (River)

Undersåkersälven offers 8 kilometres of varied fishing in flowing and calm waters with a natural stock of Trout. The best is it at the Brattlandsstömmen.

Fish: Plenty of Trout, small amount of Burbot, scarce with Char

4 # Indalsälven west of Duved (Karolinermonumentet)

Park at the Karolinermonument (Carolean Monument) and follow the sign to the Fiskeplats Karlinermonument (fishing area) where you’ll also find a wind shelter and a simple campsite. 

Fish: Trout

Fishing Permit

You can buy a fishing permit for the various fishing areas around Åre in several places. Not everyone sells for all areas, but the Åre Tourist Office knows where you should go for your areas of interest.

  • Åre Tourist Office, Station Åre i Åre, 0647-163 21
  • Fishing license machine, Central Duved, opposite ICA.
  • Fjällsport, central Duved, 0647-261 00
  • Online at Fiskekort.se

Fishing Tips

  • Fjällsport in Duved has a wide range of fishing equipment and guided fishing trips.
  • At ifiske.se you’ll find a detailed list of fishing areas in the Åre Municipality.
  • Check out Duved’s Fishery Conservation Association page at fiskaiduved.se.
  • Fishing stories from the valley are usually found on the blog Flugfiske i Årefjällen.

P.S. Keep in mind that in September it is forbidden to fish in water with currents.

Last updated 11 August 2023


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