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Ristafallet i vinterskrud

5 x Activities close to nature

Sometimes all you need is some time in nature. Time to breathe. We’ve listed five activities to get you closer to nature. 

# Dog Sledding

Into the forest and out in the wild. The only sound you can hear is the runners in the snow, the windspeed and sometimes the eager barks of dogs. Åre Sleddog Adventures, Puls Åre and Åreguiderna arrange for it to happen.

# Ski Touring

Go touring. Both the pace and goal are up to you. Go on your own adventure or let Åreguiderna or JoPe Fors & Fjäll show you the best hidden secrets of the mountains.

# Visit a frozen waterfall

Both Tännforsen and Ristafallet are spectacular sites to visit when frozen and nature’s own magical ice sculptures are on display. Go in behind Ristafallet with a guide when it is frozen. Ristafallet Camping & Restaurang book your visit.

# Ice Fishing

To sit on a frozen lake with a jigging rod in your hand, ready to catch a char is something you just have to experience. Puls Åre, Explore Åre and Åreguiderna make sure you find the best fishing water there is.

# Snowshoeing

Get out in the terrain where neither snowmobile nor skis can go and move about almost without a sound. If you join a guide from JoPe Fors & Fjäll, ATI Mountain Experience, Puls Åre or Explore Åre you’ll get to know more about the surrounding nature and maybe even get to taste some Jämtlandish delicacies.

Last updated 5 March 2024