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House tour - From the 1100s to the present

The tourism destination Åre has evolved in a racing pace the last century. What many don’t know is that between the modern new constructions, the boiling entrepreneurship and adrenaline thirsty guests a small peasant village still hides. Our history is an important part of our future development. Come along on a house tour in Åre and experience some of the local cultural history through the oldest still remaining buildings that still are an important part of the village.

The Åre House Tour has 25 marked stops on the map and is about an hour’s walk on smooth flat asphalt and gravel roads. A two kilometre long tour and a lot of Åre history. Take trail 231. The trail is clearly described in the digital guide Historic houses – Your guide to historic houses in Åre. Follow the guided tour online and read up on the houses as you stroll around. The guide contains older pictures and descriptions of the buildings along the way so it can be a bit of fun to have in your hand to compare then and now.

TIPS: To really see all the history that lives in Åre’s oldest buildings, book a guided tour with Maria Wilhelmsson at Morrvikja. Marias ancestors have farmed the land in the valley since generations, herded their animals on the hillsides and filled up their food storages with the local produce.

Map for the Åre House Tour

Husesyn i Åre

Houses along the walk

  1. Åre station
  2. Grottan (The Cave)
  3. Villa Tottebo
  4. Grand’s Restaurant & Grand Hotel
  5. Thomassons gård
  6. Benamsgården
  7. Sporthotellet
  8. Åre Bergbana
  9. Gunnargården
  10. Mårtenvillan
  11. Strandbergsvillan
  12. Villa Solbränna
  13. Hotell Granen
  14. Villa Årebo
  15. Villa Jamtbol
  16. Tott
  17. Tottens by
  18. Åre Fjällkuranstalt
  19. St Olavsleden (Saint Olav’s Trail)
  20. Åre gamla kyrka
  21. Torvtaket
  22. Åre skola (Åre School)
  23. Åregården
  24. Hemslöjdshuset
  25. Peak-huset
  26. Åre torg

Last updated 7 August 2023