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Photo: Frida Berglund

Long Distance Mountain Running in Åre

Long Distance Mountain Running – get tips for (really long) trails or trails that offer something special. Here is a list of our four favorites for long distance mountain running that surely differs from what you can experience back home. Pack your backpack with reinforcement garments, extra energy and a water bottle that you can refill in rippling mountain streams. Tell someone where you plan on heading for the day and look forward to exotic mountain scenery, serrated sandy bottom, true wilderness feel or many miles of eternity views.

Wooden planks laid out on wetlands and other mounds that often get muddy are convenient for those who run – but also protect the ground from wear and tear. Stick to these as best as you can and avoid the really wet trails when the weather’s been rainy. And if you see reindeer on the path – avoid disturbing them and choose a different route.

Åreskutan runt (Around Åreskutan)

Elevation:  970 m | Distance: 24,7 km

The trail around the mountain Åreskutan is a wonderful running adventure for several kilometres, but offers more altitude meters downhill than up. Take the lift to Mörvikshummeln for a good starting point then follow the stretch that goes towards Stendalen, you’ll get the steepest part of the trail here. The trail goes around Västerskutan overlooking Lake Kallsjön then pass Bjelke’s mines. There’ll be softer areas at the back of Åreskutan, but the path will be dry again once you’ve rounded Blåsten. After that it’s just a matter of letting your legs flow freely towards Björnen. Turn off towards Totthummeln and run the Solstigen in the direction of the village. It’s downhill from Fjällgården all the way to the square where you have earned yourself an after-run beverage.

Find your way: Take trail 211

Södra Ridvadsrundan (Southern Ridvadsrundan)

Distance: 14,7 km

Ridvadsrundan starts in Vallbo (alternative start is at Fångåmon) and goes through protected forest terrain and is suitable for days with a lot of weather. Instead of mountain peaks, the trail offers a grooved sandy beach at Lake Ottsjön. In the middle of Lake Ottsjön there’s Sweden’s longest natural ford, Ridvadet. If the summer day is warm, we recommend that you try to walk the entire distance across the lake. The bottom consists of fine-grained sand, perfect to run on. And maybe take a break for a swim?

Find your way: Take trail 280

Mullfjället runt (Around Mullfjället)

Distance: 19,4 km

The feeling of wilderness is evident along the trail around the mountain Mullfjället and here you get to experience long areas without footpaths or landscaped trails. Ascend the mountain in Duved in the ski system and expect to run several kilometres through nature. Put on your best trail shoes before your tour, your feet will get wet!

Find your way: Take trail 203

Gamla Fjällmaratonleden (The Old Mountain Marathon Trail)

Elevation:  2357 m | Distance: 42,4 km

Run the Fjällmarathon’s very first route with a total distance measuring longer than a marathon. The trail runs between the villages of Edsåsdalen and Vålådalen over three mountains, past villages and livestock embankments. The climb for the stretch is just over 2300 meters, so this tour requires endurance, determination and previous experience in terrain running.

Find your way: Take trail 1

Last updated 8 August 2023