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Photo: Jonas Kullman

Restless legs? Try this

# 1 Ride the pump track

In the middle of Åre Square is a built-up bike path with bumps and turns perfect for a bike, kick bike, skateboard or inlines.

# 2 Choose a playground

Slide, slackline, Five in a Row and balance exercises are available in Åreparken. Below Holiday Club, right by the beach, there is rock climbing, a slide, rocking horses and a sandbox.

# 3 Go swimming

Indoor adventure pool at Holiday Club, dig in the sand at Åre beach, hang out in the outdoor swimming pool at Fjällgården. Or maybe dare jumping in from the rocks in the quieter hollows of Ullån – nature’s own water park.

# 4 Walk the Trollstigen

Just as the name turns out, there is troll to find if you look carefully. Be extra careful when walking under the bridge at the mountain railway … The trail starts at the funicular station in Åre Square.

Tyrolian Traverse

Photo: ATI


Photo: Anna Lindner


Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

# 5 Fly on a Zipline

Action for children over 120 cm. Tightened in the harness you’ll fly on a cable high in the air. If it sounds fun, it is! Camp Åre runs the zipline.

# 6 Downhill cycling

Mt. Åreskutan is one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. Start with one of the green trails, they’re suitable for both beginners and children. Several of the village’s rental shops have equipment for kids and younger children.

# 7 Mountain Carting

An exciting and slightly different activity on Mt. Åreskutan where small children ride for free on their parents’ knees. Explore Åre runs this adventure.

# 8 Try a Tyrolian Traverse

Cross over water with a self-built Tyrolian Traverse. ATI Mountain Experience ensures that it’s done correctly.

Last updated 13 August 2019