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Photo: Frida Berglund

Weather protected running trails

The weather changes quickly in the mountains, but the mountain birch forests gladly provide protection when the weather is at its worst. Go for a quick run in a low-zone terrain for the sake of a lovely feeling and have a coffee at one of the village bakeries or cafes afterwards. A cap in a functional material, thin mittens and terrain shoes with good grip for wet and slippery surfaces is recommended for days with a lot of weather.

Wooden planks laid out on wetlands and other mounds that often get muddy are convenient for those who run – but also protect the ground from wear and tear. Stick to these as best as you can and avoid the really wet trails when the weather’s been rainy. And if you see reindeer on the path – avoid disturbing them and choose a different route.


Elevation: 160 m | Distance: 3,9 km

Solstigen is one of the locals’ favourite trails and has been trodden for over 100 years. Start at the funicular Bergbanan at Fjällgården and run through protecting mountain forests on the slope of Totthummeln.  After half the route, the trail turns off and takes you down to Åre Square via a cosy village road.

Find your way: Take trail 219


Elevation: 20 m | Distance: 6 km

Running to Tegeforsen can be a nice recovery round for tired legs that have made many mountain hikes. Run along the old Årevägen (paved road) from the village and follow the markings over the railway which leads you along the lush forest road. After a few kilometres along Sotargränd you’ll soon hear the rumble from the waterfall Tegeforsen. The same route takes you back to Åre village again.

Find your way: Take trail 218

Photo: Sara Rönne

Photo: Sara Rönne

Photo: Åre Destination

Lillådammen and Byxtjärn

Distance: 7 km

Trail 221 which takes you through sheltering trees towards Lillådammen and Byxtjärn is great for running on a rainy day with lots of wind. The trail starts at the historic mining site Fröå Gruva and after a few kilometres the trail divides into two tarns. Byxtjärn is more protected from the weather and wind, while Lillådammen is more exposed to weather and offers a bit more of a muddy path. The same route takes you back to the starting point again. Be sure to fill up your energy levels with a lunch or “fika” at Bergstugan before heading home.

Find your way: Take trail 221c

Södra Ridvadsrundan

Längd: 14,7 km

Ridvadsrundan starts in Vallbo (alternative start is at Fångåmon) and goes through protected forest terrain and is suitable for days with a lot of weather. Instead of mountain peaks, the trail offers cosy forest terrain and a grooved sandy beach at Lake Ottsjön to return to on a more sunny day. In the middle of Lake Ottsjön there’s Sweden’s longest natural ford. If the summer day is warm, we recommend that you try to walk the entire distance across the lake. The bottom consists of fine-grained sand, perfect to run on.

Find your way: Take trail 280

Last updated 8 August 2023