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Camp Åre

Tyrolian Traverse

ATI Mountain Experience


ATI Mountain Experience



5 x Activities with harnesses and helmets

# 1 Paragliding

Hang on tight with one of Sweden’s best paragliders and see Åre from above. Book your flight at Skysport.

# 2 Rock Climbing

Let an experienced climbing guide help you up a vertical wall. Bookings at Explore Åre, JoPe Fors & Fjäll, Äventyrligt i Åre and Camp Åre.

# 3 Rappelling

A fun, safe and nerve tickling way to get down to a steep mountain wall. Book with ATI Mountain Experience.

# 4 Ziplining

Fly forward at 70 km/h high above the ground on a zipline cable channelling down from the mountains. Camp Åre will show you the way.

# 5 Test Tyrolian Traverse

Cross over water with self-built Tyrolian Traverse. ATI Mountain Experience ensures that it is done correctly.

Last updated 4 July 2018