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Åre - Sweden's best Paragliding spot

A short run then the ground disappears from under your feet. Join one of Åre’s paragliding pros on a tandem trip from Mt. Åreskutan.

The pilots spend their summer holidays in Åre for the whole purpose of flying, hanging out and meeting other like-minded people. Åre is Sweden’s absolute best spot for mountain paragliding, which is why some of Sweden’s best paragliders have chosen to settle here. Several of them bring guests to fly tandem, which means you get to join an experienced pilot and sit in the same parachute to try the feeling of flying from the top of the mountain Åreskutan down to the landing spot Draklanda in the valley.

For a paraglider, the moment when the feet leave the ground is the beginning of a new adventure and a new experience. Acropilots fly over the Lake Åresjön to safely practice different tricks, for others, it’s all about flying and having fun. Collecting time in the air and becoming better pilots.

Try paragliding in Åre

If you want to try paragliding with a tandem flight together with one of the local instructors, or even taking a course to secure a certification and be able to paraglide on your own, Skysport Paragliding School is located at the landing site at Draklanda, between Lake Åresjön and the Alpine National Arena. Basic courses are given during the summer and winter. Tandem flying is possible all year round, when the weather permits and transportation up to the mountain is available.

Åre facts: Åre Skärm- och drakflygklubb was founded in 1975 and was then only a Hang Gliders Club for Paragliding didn’t exist. The Åre Paragliders Club was later founded in 1988. Both the Hang Gliders Club and The Paragliders Club were similar and used the same start and landing runways so the decision was made in 1995 to merge the two clubs. The club today has approx. 130 members and hundreds of pilots from Sweden and Norway come to Åre to fly here every year. Early Spring and late Summer are popular times for Acropilots and although flying is popular year round, it’s especially enjoyable to head up the mountain after the lifts have closed (ex. In May after the Winter season and before Summer season starts up).

Interesting facts: The biggest difference between a tandem parachute and a single parachute is the size of the parachute itself. When you fly tandem, both the pilot and passenger each sit in a harness. The pilot sits in behind and controls the flight and the passenger sits up front and enjoys the view. The parachutes are classified and approved for different categories and different levels of flight. A tandem parachute is constructed for beginner parachutes – safe and secure with solid start and landing capabilities. Single parachutes are available from beginners to advanced competition parachutes (paragliding formula 1). You choose the parachute based on your license, experience and purpose for the flight and all parachutes must have an emergency parachute. 

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Åre Strand 46, Åre

+46 70-859 51 12



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Hosbacken 7, Undersåker

+46 70-665 95 43



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Årevägen 173 b, Åre

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Grimstavägen 140, Undersåker

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Regnbågen 1, 837 97 Åre,

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Regnbågen 1, Åre

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Stationsvägen 14, 830 13 Åre

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Äventyrligt i Åre, Åre

+46 647-522 02


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JumpYard Åre, Åre Strand 6, 837 52 Åre

+46 647-675181



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Puls skoter och aktivitetscenter, Åre Strand, Åre

+46 647-525 25



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Last updated 27 July 2023