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Åre beer - 4 x Micro breweries

Beer is flowing throughout that valley and in five years the number of breweries has gone from zero to four. Be sure to try Åre’s brews on-site.

#1 Åre Ölfabrik

You’ll find Åre Ölfabrik in the cellar below the bar at Parkvillan. The beer brewed here is only available on-site and is brewed in limited quantities, so get it while you can. If they happen to run out of their own tasty brews, they’ve got back-up for they are the proud providers of Åre’s largest selection of beer, both locally and globally produced.

#2 Åre Bryggcompagni

Four guys from Småland moved to Åre. Åre lacked locally brewed beer, so they joined forces, started Åre Bryggcompagni and served the first beer in July 2013. Their beer can be enjoyed at most of Åre’s restaurants and can also be found at the local systembolaget if you find yourself craving some of their tasty malt sensations. In the summer of 2017, the small microbrewery expanded from their premises in Huså with a larger location in the meadows between Åre and Duved.

#3 Ottsjö Brygghus

Overlooking Ottfjället, Ottsjö Brygghus brews organic beer with names taken from here; Midaftonsbäcken flows down from Ottfjället into Ottsjön. Lunndörren is an important passage between western Jämtland and Härjedalen. Hållvallen is an old hut on the border between the forest and the mountains on the way up to Hållfjället. The brewery occasionally has beer tastings and sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll find some of their beer at Systembolaget.

#4 Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri

The newest addition to the beer flow is Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri. The tanks started bubbling in Åre Ski Inn’s basement during the winter of 2016/2017. In March 31, 2017, the first beer was served in Sweden’s highest brewery in Åre Ski Inn’s bar. It’s a little funny that the bar is also made up of an old copper kettle from The Bocken Brewery in Gävle.

Last updated 21 July 2023