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Undersåkers Charkuterifabrik

Undersåker's Charcuteries Factory

Åre Chokladfabrik

Åre Chocolate Factory

Åre Kafferosteri

Åre Coffee Roastery

Tastes of Åre

The most ravishing tastes are produced overlooking Mt Åreskutan. We’ve put together a list with some examples of exquisite artisan food for your culinary excursion. Bring the tastes of Åre back home, if you can stop yourself from indulging it right away.

Beer at Ottsjö Brygghus

In the rural village of Ottsjö you’ll find the brewery Ottsjö Brygghus and their ecological beer. Some sorts of the brand can be found at the Swedish alcohol monopoly store Systembolaget and in local bars. They also offer beer tasting events.

Chocolate at Åre Chokladfabrik

Peek into the chocolate factory in Björnänge, a couple of kilometers east of Åre. Taste the renowned chocolate pralines and buy your favorites. Chocolate heaven in Åre! arechokladfabrik.se

Coffee at Åre Kafferosteri

There are just a few houses in Helgesjövallen, est of Åre. In one of them some of the finest coffee beens on earth are roasted to perfection. The roastery have won several international prices throughout the years. Their coffee is served at its best in their own coffee bar on Åre Square but you can have the coffee in some of the restaurants in Åre all year round – just make sure to ask for it. arekafferosteri.se

Charcuteries at Undersåkers Charkuterifabrik

In Undersåker 10 kilometers east of Åre you will find the charcuterie factory founded by master chef Magnus Nilsson, known from Guide Michelin starred Fäviken Magasinet. His restaurant was for many years a travel destination for foodies from around the globe. The small charcuterie factory produces sausages, salamis and other charcuteries of local meat. These are sold over the counter together with well hung meats and many other locally produced delicacies.  undersakerscharkuteriefabrik.se

Buustamons Bränneri

At 732 metres above sea level you can find the smallest distillery in Sweden located in the basement at Buustamons Fjällgård. In their house made schnaps assortment you will find Hojt and Buustasup among others. You can book a tasting where you will get to hear the business’ history, the manufacturing process and taste the different products. A visit can also be combined with a dinner in the well renowned restaurant.

Gelato & Bread at Grädda Åre

The homemade gelato at Grädda is made from local produce, has collected well-earned prices and is always fresh. Inspired by the Mediterranean food culture Grädda makes their own delicious bread and great tasting food and pastries as well as cold pressed juices. In addition the walls are often home to art from some of Åre’s upcoming artists. Bread and culture in a well tasting mix. grädda.se

Åre Chocolate Factory

Åre Coffee Roasters

Buustamons Distillery

Beer at Åre Bryggcompagni

One of Åre’s first micro breweries lies along the old road between Åre and Duved. The brewers make sure to gently modernize old beer traditions in order to deliver great beer for you to enjoy at most of Åre’s restaurants or to buy at the Swedish alcohol monopoly store Systembolaget. arebryggcompagni.se

Svartberget’s Mountain Brewery

At the World Cup Plateau, close to the Gondola’s base station, you’ll find the highest located brewery in Sweden: Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri (Svartberget’s Mountain Brewery). They brew interesting types of beer which is served at the bar. They also offer beer tasting and viewings of the brewery.

Flat bread at Huså Bröd

In the small village Huså at the foot of Mt Åreskutan’s northern side traditional flat bread and crackers are baked with a touch of modernity. The crispy delicacies can be bought on location in the bakery and in most grocery stores in Åre. husabrod.se

Åre Water

This natural mineral water is tapped from a local well and tapped in well-designed bottles. Åre Water is available in still and carbonated variants.

Åre Byodling

Hydroponic cultivation is a way of growing, for example, vegetables without using soil. Instead, a combination of water, fertilizers and optimal light and temperature (a challenge in the Northern hemisphere) are used. The local Ica Supermarket and property owner Diös have invested in a container in which they hydroponically cultivate vegetables. The container has been placed outside the Station House and the products from Åre Byodling are sold freshly harvested in the supermarket one floor below.

Last updated 4 September 2023