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Hunting season in Åre

From the first Monday in September, the moose are hunted in the forests in Jämtland. The following information is for both moose and small game hunting in the area.

As hikers, it’s important to keep track of where hunting is going on by checking out the tourist agency’s website and by looking for warning signs showing hunting throughout the area.

Moose hunting in Jämtland starts the first Monday in September. For 2018, this date is the 3rd of September. For those hunting in licensed and moose areas, you’re allowed to hunt until the 25th of September then a shorter period between the 9th of October and the 31st of January, 2019.

Moose hunting is the most intense at the start of the hunting season, so pay extra attention to signs that show hunting. You can always walk on our trails, but if you’re hunting in the area, we encourage you to choose another area. There is plenty of space for everyone.

The mountains and forests aren’t closed during hunting season, but if hunting is on in a specific area, we encourage you to choose another one. It is not prohibited to be in the woods and the Swedish right of common access works as normal. It’s important to respect each other while in the wild. Have a look at signs and talk with hunters if you meet them. 

Some great tips:

  • Wear colourful clothes so you can be easily seen.
  • Stay on the marked trails.
  • If you see hunters, try to get in touch to see if it’s appropriate to continue. It may be with a short whistle, a wave or, of course, talking to each other if it’s possible considering the distance.

Hunting periods for small game in the Åre area

  • Ptarmigan. August 25 th – February 28 th
  • Capercaillie. August 25 th – November 15 th.
    Only spring up 16th November – 31th January.
  • Mountain hare. September 1 st – February 28 th.

More information about moose and small game hunting can be found on the County Administrative Board of Jämtland County’s website.

If you’re interested in hunting in Jämtland, JA Event offers tailor-made hunting excursions.