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Northern Lights

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

The aurora borealis forecast look good and the sky is clear. Only one thing to do – put some really warm clothes on, bring your thermos and go to a place where there are no lights from houses or streets. 

The northern lights’ season begin in Åre already in August, but it is during the coldest, darkest months the phenomenon usually appears in all its glory. There are quite a few elements that need to cooperate for the aurora borealis to light up the heaven, so there are no guarantees you’ll see it. But here are some tips if you want to give it your very best try while in Åre.

→ Check the website aurora-service.eu. On the site you’ll find a map of expected areas to see the northern lights and at what strength.

Norrsken i Åre at Facebook (in Swedish) is a page for local northern lights enthusiasts. They often give a heads-up of activity and locations where it’s already visible.

→ Follow the weather forecasts. We need a clear sky for optimal conditions.

→ Join Explore Åre for a guided northern lights’ tour (watch video bellow).

Last updated 7 August 2023