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Quick facts about Åre

Here we’ve gathered some quick facts about Åre for the everyday curious cat. Such as number of local residents, how many lifts there are and length of the longest ski lift. 

Location: Stockholm 620 km, Östersund 100 km and Trondheim 140 km

Transportation: Train. Station in the middle of the village

Two international airports: Åre Östersund Airport about an hour from Åre and Trondheim Airport Værnes in Norway about two hours from Åre centre

Residents of Åre: Approximately 4500

Residents of Åre municipality: Approximately 12100

Mt. Åreskutans peak: 1 420 MASL

Maximum drop: 890 m

Lifts: 42 in the winter, 5 in the summer

Longest run: 6,5 km

Hiking Trails: 40 trails, in total around 346 km

Downhill Bike Trails: 34 trails, in total around 40 km

XC Bike Trails: 10 trails, in total around 87 km

XC Skiing Tracks: 34 XC tracks, in total around 207 km of which 48 km are electrically illuminated

Ski Touring Trails: 24 trails, in total around 283 km

Number of beds: 42,000 beds

Restaurants & Cafés: About 75

Bars & nightclubs: About 15

Last updated 20 September 2022




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