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Downhill biking – how it works

Being a beginner in downhill mountain biking is maybe not for everyone, however, here’s a short list with tips to make it a little easier to try downhill biking for the first time during your trip to Åre. Who knows, you might get completely hooked!

→ Hire a guide

If you’ve never biked downhill before it may be worth booking a guide to get some instructions and insider tips. Best way to sit/stand? How to take curves? How to brake safely? You’ll be guaranteed more fun and a better riding experience.

If you’re past this stage, it may still be worth it to book a guide. To quickly find the best trails for you in the park or to step up your game and learn some new techniques – a few hours with a good guide is the key to success. Read more here about biking with a guide.

→ Rent a bike

Help finding a bike that suits your size and riding ability can be found throughout the village, newly serviced and in tip top condition. Check out the list at the bottom of the page to find the local rental shops.

→ Protection Gear

Included when renting a bike (if you do not have your own). Helmet is mandatory.

→ Buy a lift pass

Summer passes can be bought at the Skistarshop at the square, the cable car station, Holiday Club, Hanson Concept Store and you can book on the web.

→ Take a lift

It’s no worries, and there’s someone there to help you with your bike if you need it. The bike’s put on a rail that’s attached to the chairlift as you head up. If you’re taking the cable car you just walk your bike in and if you’re talking the Gondola, walk it in on its back wheel.

→ Choose a trail

Green, blue, red or black. Åre Bike Park has a bunch of trails to choose from, in all levels of difficulty. The most common is to build up from green to blue and from red to black, however, most people usually stay on the red. 

Tips! Read SLAO’s Little Green – Important to know about mountain biking in the summer. Here you’ll find plenty of useful information about everything you need to know about difficulty levels, traffic, riding and lift rules. The info’s in Swedish so get your translation program ready!

Last updated 5 September 2023

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