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Biking with a Guide

Photo: Jonas Kullman

Whether you ride downhill for the first time or are more experienced, it’s worthwhile to book a biking guide. Learning the basics from the start or expand your knowledge in curvature technology to give you a greater understanding, to get more from the cycling and reduce the risk of injury.

For the beginner, it’s about booking an intro course to go through the basics on flat surfaces and on a pump track. After that’s been done then it’s time to continue in the park with position skills, how to move on the bike, how to turn, to have parallel feet and the right braking technique. You learn to ride the lifts and which trails and paths are suitable for you.

If you’re looking to increasing your skills and become better at specific things such as jump or curve techniques, book a guide for a technique course. Downhill biking has a relatively fast development curve and a few hours with a guide will give you invaluable experiences to take with you cycling.

Hire a Guide

To hire a guide, check out the place you’re renting your downhill bike from. The list further down the page will also help you out. All guides in Åre Bike Park have undergone a compulsory three-part training to increase the quality of the guiding and safety in the park. Many of the guides have also undergone Mountain Guide Training via the PMBIA (Bike Instructor Association).

The guides are professionals at:

  • What rules apply in the park and what is important to think about from a security perspective.
  • Make you feel safe on the bike and out in the bike park.
  • To teach you the basic knowledge you as a rider should have before getting up on the lift.
  • Which trails are right for you based on your needs and experiences.
  • CPR and medical care in terrain (in close cooperation with the bike patrol).


Last updated 29 August 2019


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