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Hiking in Åre, Sweden.

Anette Andersson

Mountain Biking in Åre Bike Park.

Emrik Jansson

Trailrunning in Åre, Sweden.

Frida Berglund

Cross-country & alpine ski touring in Åre.

Anette Andersson

Åre Trails – Your digital trail guide

Åre Trails is a digital trail map and your guide to the mountains in and around Åre. Regardless if you wish to ski, run, hike or just explore Årefjällen, Åre Trails is an excellent tool which you can easily carry with you in your digital device. Click the map to choose your activity, and sort the results by area, level of difficulty and more. 

Beautiful, tough, peaceful: Use whichever adjective you like. Whatever you are searching for in terms of great trails, you can find it in Årefjällen. Åre Trails is your digital and portable guide to find the right trail for you, your friends, your family or your team.

At Åre Trails you can:

  • Choose trails by season; summer or winter.
  • Choose trails by type of activity; hiking, XC-skiing etcetera.
  • Filter the trails according to length, level of difficulty and/or area.
  • Scroll through the list of trails and choose the ones you like best.
  • Read the trail descriptions to find a route that suits you.

Click your way to aretrails.com

Last updated 8 May 2024