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Hiking in Åre

Photo: Anette Andersson

Åre offers easy access to hiking with magnificent views and the village has all the comfort you could imagine. We claim that hiking in Åre is pure luxury.

The hiking trails start from Åre Square, but if you don’t want to walk the whole way from the valley to top of the mountain, take the lift and start your hike from higher grounds. The trails are varied, ranging from simple one-hour tours to more challenging day trips for more experienced hikers. After a day’s walk, take the lift back to the village for an after-hike on a sunny outdoor patio and dinner at one of our renowned restaurants. After dinner, crawl into a nice hotel bed for a good night’s sleep, then you’ll start all over again the next day.

Hiking Trails

Hiking near Åre and on Mt. Åreskutan is varied in length and severity – ranging from shorter trips that suit the whole family to more challenging hikes for advanced hikers. Whatever your goal and level of hiking, enjoy the clear mountain air and the beautiful views stress free.

To reach the top of Åreskutan you can either start your hike from the village square and walk all the way up, starting on trail 212 to Fjällgården, from there continuing along trail 214. Or, take one of the lifts up to make the hike shorter or more accessible.

On the Åre Trails website, all hiking trails are included with number, name, length, altitude, approximate time, difficulty, and some general information about the character of the trail. It has everything you’ll need to know for a great hiking stay in Åre. You can also have a look att the hiking trail map (PDF) for an overview of all the trails.

Carry a light backpack

Walking on Mt. Åreskutan, in Ullådalen or Totthummeln does not require large heavy backpacks, but there are some necessities you should carry with you. If you’re on a longer trip, further away from the village, coffee and supplementary energy in your backpack is one of them and don’t forget to fill up with cold water from the mountain streams.

If you do not want to pack a bag, BaseCamp in Kabinbanan’s peak station serves simpler ready meals, hot dogs, pastries and beverages. At Mt. Åreskutan’s top station 1420 m.a.s.l is Sweden’s highest-rated café Toppstugan where waffles are a real classic! Follow trail 214B.

At Buustamons Fjällgård in the Ullådalen area, you can enjoy well prepared food in the restaurant. Find more restaurants in Åre here.

The weather can change quickly so always make sure you pack a wind and water resistant jacket, a warm sweater and fluids. Here you’ll find a more complete list of the right equipment.

Après hike

Take a lift back to the village after your hike (if you do not want to walk off course) and have a nice afternoon and evening at your own pace.

For more enjoyable activities, enjoy relaxing spa treatments, cool drinks at outdoor patios, paddling SUP, a coffee break or stroll around the shops throughout the village.

If you have loads of energy left, try downhill mountain biking, kayaking, river raftingzipline or take a refreshing dip in Lake Åresjön.

Be a good visitor in nature

If you are a “beginner” at outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, it is a good idea to read up on how to be a good visitor in nature. The Swedish Right to Common Access is a luxury but we also have a responsibility to respect the boundaries that applies. Click the link to find out more. If you are unsure of what to do with your trash, what applies to dog owners when you’re out hiking and how to use the bathroom in nature, you can find out more in our article here.

Fresh mountain water

Photo: Anette Andersson

Fill you body with good energy

Photo: Grow

Hike up to the gorgeous views

Photo: Anette Andersson

Sleep well in comfortable beds

Photo: Åregården

Visit Lillåstugan when hiking in Ullådalen.

Eat well

Åre is one of the world’s best places when it comes to loads of delicious food in a small area. So, let go of the cooking and the mountain of dishes and enjoy a good dinner. Åre has no less than ten restaurants listed in the White Guide.

Sleep tight

After a long and eventful day, nothing beats crawling into a beautiful new bed. Design hotel, boutique hotel, sports hotel, B&B and guesthouse – here you’ll find a guaranteed accommodation that suits your style and taste.

Still looking for a tent and freeze dried food?

If you’re looking to roam around in boots, carry a pack, eat freeze dried food and wake up with a magnificent sunrise outside your tent, then you shall. Take two days and take the challenge “Skutan Runt” – a 27.1 km long trail (211), which, runs around the entire Mt. Åreskutan. Pitch your tent half way and experience the wild and beautiful backside. If you don’t have all the equipment required, you can rent it easily at Rent-a-Plagg.

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Last updated 11 August 2023


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