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Photo: Anette Andersson

Autumn colours in Åre

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell


Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Åre i höstfärger

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Towards Storulvån

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Autumn Hiking Weekend in Åre

Few things are as refreshing as Autumn hikes in the Swedish mountains. And of course, our hearts beat harder for Åre’s mountains. Here comes a 56-hour guide to a September weekend in Åre.


16:40 – 23:55
Jump on the train somewhere between Malmö and Uppsala. Your destination line heading towards Undersåker, Åre, Duved, Ånn, Enafors and Storlien. Have a bite in the restaurant carriage on your way to Stockholm then let the train’s chugging slowly cradle you through the night.


07:30 – 09:00
You’ve arrived! If you booked a transfer to Vålådalen, Trillevallen or Storulvån, it’s just a short trip left to your final destination. Otherwise, jump off here and let your long weekend begin.

Around 09:00
Breakfast or coffee at any hotel or café. Check-in and your day-planning begins.

Wearing the appropriate clothes for the weather, it’s time for today’s adventure. Maybe a turn around Totthummeln (trail 213) is on the list?

Lunch. If your trip has been around Totthummeln, stop in for lunch at one of the village’s restaurants.

Purchases. Whatever your adventures are this weekend, it’s time to purchase supplies and possibly forgotten equipment. There is plenty of food and equipment for mountain hiking in Åre as well as other destinations and mountain stations.

Arriving at a hotel, cottage or apartment. Repack and preparing for tomorrow’s adventure. Take a load off and relax. 

Dinner. Choose from the village’s restaurants. Not everyone stays open during the autumn, but there’s enough to try a new one every day.

Early evening? May be needed if you’re tired and if you’re not, head into a laidback bar or restaurant.


Rise and shine, it’s time for breakfast!

The first day trip is to Mt. Åreskutan. Here are some different options, but Mt. Åreskutan’s peak, weather permitting, is a great trip. Check out the weather on SkiStar’s site and trail variations here before departing and count on a full day trip so bring some extra snacks for along the way.

Time for a snack overlooking Åredalen.  

Depending on the trail you chose, you may be at the Kabinbanan Mountain Station by now. There’s a heating station with toilets if you have a packed lunch and if not you can purchase something at Basecamp Åreskutan. 

Continue up to the top of Mt. Åreskutan and Toppstugan. Homemade buns, waffles and other edible items are available in Sweden’s highest café as well as views over Åredalen and Kallbygden on a clear day. 

Descent. There are a few different options to take you back to the village. You can follow the same trail you took to the top, spice it up and take a new trail back or give your knees a rest and take the cable car down. 

16:00 – 18:00
Back in the village. Enjoy a well-deserved rest at any outdoor seating.

Dinner. Same setup as yesterday.


Rise and shine! It’s time for breakfast again, but today we can take it a bit easier.

Day trip 2. Let’s take a turn towards Ullådalen. The tour is called Stendalsrundan (trail 210) and you can choose to take it directly from the village or take the chair lift from Hummeln and join in there. 

Snack time. With a view.

Buustamon Fjällgård opens. Stop for a coffee or something from the bar menu if you haven’t pre-booked the mountain menu. If you have pre-booked the mountain menu, we hope you packed your swimwear for the sauna and outdoor pool is included. 

Back in the village if you’re not still at Buustamon.


An evening visit to Holiday Clubs Sports & Swim world might be good for your body.


Enjoy. Today is a good day for a sleep in, unless you set your alarm clock for 05.00 to jog up Totthummeln and watch the sunrise. 

Option A: Take a well-deserved spa treatment.
Option B: Take the Cable Car to the top and hike down.

Option A: Enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the village’s restaurants.
Option B: Enjoy a pre-packed lunch on a rock with a view of your choosing. 

Pack and prepare for departure.

Have a coffee and a treat at one of the village’s cafés before returning home.

Sunday evening – Monday morning

You’re home.

P.S. If this all sounds like a trip for you, read more here about how to travel to Åre and find your kind of lodging here.

Last updated 11 August 2023


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