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Your guide to Åre Björnen

The Björnen area is only a few kilometres southeast of Åre and it’s growing fast. There’s a lot of talk about Björnen, but what kind of place is it really? Let’s find out – here’s your guide to Björnen Åre!

Björnen got its first lift in 1981 and in wintertime, 10 lifts and 18 slopes are open in this area. The ski area consists mostly of green and blue slopes and is very suitable for families with children and not so familiar skiers. There’s also Åre’s Cross-Country Arena with everything from 1 to 15 kilometres of both skate and classic tracks run by SkiStar.

Since the start of the summer of 2017, a network of trails for trail cycling has emerged in the Björnen area. Today Åre Bike Park Trail, as the area is called by cyclists, boast about ten trails. During the summer season, there is a large pump track (perfect for large and small children), a technical track and a climbing park with ziplines among the treetops.

At the top of Björnen, on top of the mountain, lies the hotel Copperhill. Between there and Björnen’s Centre there are loads of cabins, houses, and apartments.

This is how you get here

Björnen Centre is located about eight kilometres by car from Åre Square in the direction of Östersund. You can get there by car or, during the winter, take the ski bus from Duved, Tegefjäll or Åre to Björnen.

The exit towards Björnen is located along the E14. If you come from Östersund, turn right opposite Ica Björnänge. If you come from Åre, turn left at the same intersection.


If you turn up from the centre of Björnen, aim for the top of Förberget at the end of the road you arrive at Copperhill Mountain Lodge. Overlooking Åredalen, this is Björnen’s only hotel, with 112 hotel rooms, six conference rooms, spa, restaurants, gym and more.

The largest part of Björnen’s buildings consists of cabins and semi-detached houses. Many of them are rented out, either through housing agencies such as AGO i Åre and SkiStar or via private individuals.

Do you want to find a place to stay in Björnen for a short or longer period? Click on this link to find the right one.


The summer season is crowded with cyclists, runners, and hikers in Björnen. This is an area where the trails are easily accessible and since the area is connected to the rest of Åre, it’s easy to get around. Via Åre Trails you’ll find trails for cycling, running, and hiking in Björnen. Click here to find your favourite!


The cycle paths in Björnen are for trail cycling, but there is also a large pump track and a technique track. Here you’ll find inspiration and information to start your cycling adventure in Björnen.


If you start from the center of Björnen, there are nice hiking trails where you can, among other things, go up to Copperhill, or any of the restaurants that are open for a lunch break.

At Björnens Skidcenter or in SkiStar Shops you can pick up a pocket sized trail map to bring with you and at the digital trail guide Åre Trails you can find all the hiking trails with maps and trail descriptions.


Those who really want to give their legs and heart a real workout can always take the road up from Björnänge to Björnen Center. But, for the mountain runner, there are plenty of alternatives here.

Running the old Fröåvägen is a nice alternative, as well as running from Björnen Center further past the XC Arena and the outdoor gym towards Fröå Gruva.

At Björnens Skidcenter or in SkiStar Shops you can pick up a pocket sized trail map to bring with you and at the digital trail guide Åre Trails you can find all the trails suitable for running with maps and trail descriptions.

Climbing Park

SkiStar’s climbing park with zipline is up and running! This may not be for the faint of heart, but for those who like an adventure. This is an activity that works for friends, work groups or family. Book via SkiStar’s website or via their app.

Outdoor gym

Just beyond the XC Arena, seen from the center of Björnen, there is an outdoor gym that fits nicely as a complement to today’s activities. Perhaps the beginning of your run or just to take an extra workout during your stay in Björnen.

Eat & drink

Where there are people in Åre, there is the opportunity to eat and drink well. Here you’ll find a list of restaurants and places to eat in Björnen:

TIPS: Check todays opening hours before deciding where and when to eat. 

Biking in Åre Bike Park Trail in Björnen

Emrik Jansson

Skitar climbing park

Niclas Vestefjell

View over Björnen and Björnänge.

Lisa Johansson

In Åre Bike Park anyone can develop from their own level

Emrik Jansson

Other things that are good to know


The car parks in Björnen are subject to a parking fee. You can either pay with the MobilPark app where you can connect your debit/credit card directly to the app, via SMS service or directly at the parking ticket machines. More information is available at each parking ticket machine. You can also add a fee to your season pass to get parking passes for all of Skistars parking areas.

On the page Travel to Åre, you’ll find more information about what applies to parking areas in Åre.

Food & Shopping

The nearest food store is located next to the exit from the E14, in the valley. Take Björnenvägen downwards until you reach the E14 (from where you came when you arrived), and cross the E14 to the other side. You cannot miss it. There’s also a gas station and a chocolate factory (Åre chokladfabrik) here.