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Breakfast in Åre

Breakfast: The meal of all meals. It’s said to be the most important meal of the day. Whether that’s true or not we all agree that breakfast is a time for enjoying a break and giving ourselves a proper boost for the day. The best part is that you can get someone else make it for you. Åre offers a great variety of cafés and restaurants, and some of them also serve breakfast. Check out where to eat breakfast in Åre below.

Åre Fjällsätra

Åre Fjällsätra in Undersåker is well worth a visit. The breakfast is solid and well prepared and is served in a traditional dining hall where there’s something to everyone’s taste.

Grädda Åre

This café has personality and is well-known for its delicious bread and homemade ice cream. The latter might not be the first choice for breakfast, but the bread and the other items on the menu should be.


This is one of Åre’s oldest hotels and restaurants. Fjällgården offers breakfast for their guests but also for people who are not staying at the hotel. Just remember to make a reservation.

Kaffebaren VM8:an

Not a breakfast person? Just grab a cup of coffee at Kaffebaren, located in the hut next to the VM8:an valley station. Kaffebaren offers a variety of Swedish fika as well. 

Millestgården Eco Logde 

Enjoy their breakfast buffet in a super cosy environment and if you wish, you can pack a lunch packet to bring with you on the day’s outing. The experience is well worth the drive.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club Hotel offers a sturdy breakfast of many different choices when it comes to food and drink. While seated you can enjoy the cosy Holiday Club atmosphere.

For the stay at home-er

Standing in line to grab the first lift in the morning is certainly not to everyone’s taste. If you’d rather stay at home than eating out, your homemade breakfast should at least contain some of the local produce from Åre. Check out this list to find your favorite edible piece of Åre. Also, the food markets offer great supply of tasty ingredients, local and other, that will take your breakfast to the next level. 

Swedish Food Glossary

Navigation & Useful Words

Bestick – Cutlery
Boende – Accommodation
Bokning – Booking
Bordsbokning or Boka bord – Table Reservation or Book a Table
Efterrätt – Dessert
Erbjudanden – Offers
Förrätt – Starter
Gaffel – Fork
Hitta hit or Hitta till oss – Where to Find us
Kniv – Knife
Kontakt or Kontakta oss – Contact or Contact Us
Meny – Menu
Nyheter – News
Restaurangen – The Restaurant
Servett – Napkin
Sked – Spoon
Smårätter – Small Dishes
Tallrik – Plate
Varmrätt – Main Course
Välkommen – Welcome
Öppettider – Opening hours

The Menu

Bakelse – Pastry
Buffé – Buffet
Fisk – Fish
Fläskkött/Fläsk – Pork
Glass – Ice cream
Grädde – Cream
Hamburgare – Hamburger
Hemlagad – Homemade
Hjortron – Cloudberry
Kaffe – Coffee
Kaka – Cookie/Biscuit
Kött – Meat
Läsk – Soft Drink
Nötkött – Beef
Ost – Cheese
Pizza – Pizza
Saft  – Lemonade
Sallad – Salad or Lettuce
Skaldjur – Seafood/shellfish
Surdeg – Sourdough
Te – Tea
Våfflor – Waffles (Swedish)
Ägg – Egg

When to Eat

Fika – Afternoon Tea
Frukost – Breakfast
Lunch – Lunch
Middag – Dinner

Where to Eat

Bar/uteställe – Bar
Takeaway – Take Away
Resturang – Restaurant
Äta – To Eat

Allergies & Diets

Allergi – Allergy
Ekologisk – Organic
Glutenfritt – Gluten Free
Laktosfri – Lactose-Free
Vegan – Vegan
Vegetarisk – Vegetarian


Jämtland – The Region in which Åre is located
Lokala råvaror – Local Produce
Närproducerat – Locally Produced
Åre by – Åre Town
Åre kommun – Åre Municipality

Last updated 4 September 2023