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The month of Contrasts

The trees radiate every colour autumn has. Lifts are closed for the season and things are slowing down a little in the village. But that’s no reason to lay on your back! We’ve collected ten tips on what to do in Åre during this fantastic month.

Life Outdoors

One day the trees are adorned with beautiful autumn leaves and the next day they’ve blown away and the branches are blanketed in snow. Rain and debris. Sun and warmth. Snow and storm. The weather in October can vary, but one thing is certain, a day outdoors is not something you’ll regret. Choose the right clothes and equipment and head out to run, trot, or ride. Make a fire on a desolate beach. Cook some coffee. Feel the autumn. If you concentrate enough you can smell the scent of snow … winter is coming!

XC skiing premiere

The last weekend of September was the end of the bike season in Åre Bike Park, and only a couple of weeks after the downhill bikes were stored away to rest it is time to dig out the cross country skis. On October 15th Vålådalen Fjällstation open up their ski tracks on snow they have stored from last winter, which marks the start of a new ski season.


The month for beer lovers is here, at least in Munich where the traditional beer festival is held every year. If you’re a beer enthusiast you don’t actually have to go that far, Åredalen boasts four breweries. So, there’s no reason to go to Germany – here is the guide to Åre’s breweries.


Åre can easily be the Home Town for most yoginis per capita in Sweden. There is yoga on the lake, the mountain, in gyms and studios. Yoga has literally exploded all over Åre the past few years. Ashtanga. Hatha. Kundalini. Yin. Global. For Men. Senior. For rigid men. SUP-yoga. Yoga comes in many forms – find yours here.

Pre-season Training

The ski season’s soon here and we’re all look forward to it. But the question is, is my body ready for the slopes when the first lift starts? If the answer is “maybe not” then it’s probably a good idea to get started with some pre-season training. In Åre there are two gym chains, SATS & Sports Gym STC, most of the hotels have their own gym and we suggest outdoor training. So, no excuses, just get it done so you’re ready when the lifts open.

Watch the Aurora Borealis from first row

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Enjoy a generous hotel breakfast buffet

Photo: Holiday Club

Kick start the winter with ski touring

Spend time together during autumn break

Photo: Jonas Kullman

Full steam ahead at the brewery Åre Bryggcompani

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Northern Lights

Surely you’ve seen both pictures and films on the highly talked about Northern Lights, Aurora borealis. That green, blue or red light that spreads out like a living drapery in the sky. It’s powerful and experiencing it in reality is unbeatable.

Welcome to the Northern Lights season, and it’s now during the dark evenings that you can see the unbelievably beautiful spectacle for real. Watch the green lights change colour as they dance across the sky. Swooshing back and forth. Fading and flaming up again and again to finally disappear completely.

So, when you hear chatter about the Northern Lights and the sky is cloudless, there’s only one thing to do – get dressed, bring your thermos and move to a place beyond all the illuminated houses and streets! This is how you experience the Northern Lights at its best in Åre >>

Hotel Breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What could be better than a large, buffet-style breakfast with loads of yummy delights? Freshly baked bread and toppings of all kinds. Creamy yogurt and homemade granola. Fresh pancakes, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. Fruit and vegetables. Smoothies, juice, tea and coffee. Yes, we promise you’ll find your breaky favourites at any of Åre’s hotels. So, give yourself a solid start to the day with a long and stress-free breakfast.

Autumn Break

Celebrating the Swedish autumn holidays in Åre has become a real family favourite! You’d think that it’s only dark and cold at the end of October and start of November, but no. In the Vildmarkscampet (Wilderness Camp) in central Åre you’ll find the heart of the autumn holidays during the week from October 30th to November 6th. The campfire burns all week long, tipi tents with different themes, a plethora of activities and all of it is free. Learn to make a fire and widdle, read and listen to exciting stories, explore nature and but something yummy on the barbecue.

There’s a packed program around the whole village – crafts, torchlight hike, pony rides, Northern Lights walks, yoga and more. The list is long but, to keep it short, it’ll be a week filled with fun and experiences for the whole family. Time together without everyday stress, simply a must.


There are those who’ll happily swim outdoors all year, but most people choose indoor swimming this time of year. Holiday Club Sports & Swim World is an adventure pool with Jacuzzis, children’s pools, water slides, streams and a gym – and an outdoor pool! When you have tired yourself, it’s time to explore the Season Sauna with a whole world of saunas.

Ski Touring

We’ll never forget the first days of October 2018, as skiing has probably never been as good so early in the year. Here’s hoping this month’s chilly temperatures hold out so that this year’s touring season can begin for real. As we all know, the weather can change at any moment. One day snowfall, the other day sun and heat or rain and melting snow.

So, if the weather’s right then it’s time to take out you randonee skis and head up to the top for some sweet turns. Be prepared to walk a bit on foot before reaching the snow. So, pack your backpack with some good coffee and extra clothes as the weather can and does change quickly.

Last updated 1 October 2021


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