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Midsummer Eve

21 Jun, 2024
All day
Activities, Culture, Food, Kids, Music

Midsummer in Åre can be celebrated traditionally, or according to your own wishes. Maybe pack the herring in your backpack and lace up your boots and take a trip on the mountain, or find a lovely rapid to settle down at with a tasty midsummer picnic?

A traditional midsummer can be experienced both at the homestead Åre Hembygdsgård and at the excursion site Fröå Gruva.

The meadow flowers flourish in abundance at this time of year, so decorate with wreaths and bouquets, that’s part of it. However, we cannot control the weather, so pack sunglasses, a down jacket and rain gear to wear over summer dresses and shorts, just in case.

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Årevägen 91, 837 52 Åre