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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Tips for May in Åre

You may be able to put away your winter coat for the season, or you may not. The May weather can be fickle but May is also a time for contrasts. Go skiing on snow covered mountain tops in the morning, have a sit-down on a nice patio and enjoy the sun in the afternoon. May, and the beginning of June, is a calmer period in Åre when the ski lifts are closed for the winter season and some of the local businesses have limited opening hours. Behind the scenes hard work is put into getting everything in place for the upcoming summer season with biking, hiking and all that fun. Meanwhile this means more space and a calmer pace for you! Make the most of May with our tips below. 

Service the bike and ride gravel

While waiting for the bike park to open and the bike season to really start at the beginning of June, it’s not time to just relax. Book a luxurious spring service for your two-wheeled darling at one of the village’s bicycle workshops, where it will receive well-deserved love and care. In the meantime, jump on a gravel bike and go out and bike on the gravel roads so you too get in shape. Watch the mountains thaw from the bike saddle and charge for great deeds this summer!

Climb and padel!

The weather in May can vary and some days it’s nicer to just be inside. At Åre Sportcenter in Duved there are not only padel courts, tennis courts, a golf simulator, a gym and a café. Now you will also find Åre Klätterhall there, with climbing walls, bouldering, courses and try-on days. Try something new!

Make an effort

It’s called Plogga and has become known all over the world: A combination of the Swedish words plocka (to pick) and jogga (to jog). You just bring a trash bag with you so that you can collect trash while you’re out on a run. But of course, you don’t have to run. You can walk or bicycle, or whatever you like. May is the perfect time for plogging as the trash now thaws out. So contribute your time and go “plogga” on your own or with friends, or participate in one of the Plogga movement’s events. Mother Earth thanks you big time for your effort!

Experience the spring flood

The spring flood is one of the most powerful natural phenomena you may experience in the mountains. And after a winter with a lot of precipitation, in one form or another, this can be a mighty experience. According to old folk wisdom the second weekend in May is the absolute peak water level with the largest flow in waterfalls such as Tännforsen. Then you can really feel the energy in the water rushing by. Visit our most impressive waterfalls to see the spring force its way through the valley.

Keep ski touring

Ski Touring is never wrong when the weather is right. That’s why this tip is on the May list as well. At this time of year you can experience the exotic feeling of skiing in the morning and spend the afternoon in a sun pit with fika, or enjoying a good drink on a sun-drenched patio. To be able to enjoy cross-country or ski touring skiing in May you may need to find trails located a bit further up the mountain where the snow is still cold. For example, check out the trails in Trillevallen, Edsåsdalen and Vålådalen. Check the trail status for all these areas at Fjällupplevelser.com before you head out.

Also, please remember that this is a sensitive and fragile time in nature as the animals, such as reindeer, fox and grouse, are in their mating season and give birth to cubs/chicks. Make sure to keep your distance and do not approach nests or cubs, and keep your dog on a leash. 

Ski Touring in May.

Indulge with a spa treatment.

Holiday Club

Give your bike some love

Photo: Emrik Jansson

Go gravel biking

Photo: Sherides

Chill out

May is a quieter period in Åre. But that only means more space for you 😉 So it’s a time to relax. Book a spa treatment, have a great meal, take a bath and hang out in the lounge area. This period is also unique. It’s one of the few times a year when you can bicycle to the ski trail of your choice.

Take a walk

It is not yet time for hiking in the mountains as many of the hiking areas are still covered in snow, and those that have thawed out are wet and muddy still which means that hiking them will create wounds in the ground that are hard to heal. But you can always go for a walk and inhale the spring atmosphere. We have listed some tips on nice promenades. Find them here.

Prepare for the summer season

There are many benefits of working out to prepare for demanding activities such as and mountain biking and trail running. You will endure for more altitude meters and reduce the risk for injuries. So wake up your body and get ready for a new season in the mountains at Åre’s outdoor gyms! One is located next to the Åre Björnen Cross-Country Arena and you’ll find the Swedish alpine star Anna Swenn Larsson’s outdoor gym on the lakeside of the hotel Holiday Club.

Shop for bargains

In May, it’s time to plan ahead if you need, or want, to upgrade your equipment for next winter season. Check the local stores where a lot of the past season’s equipment will be on sale. Also, you can find great bargains at the local second hand shops.

Celebrate Swedish Mother’s Day!

In Sweden, Mother’s Day happens on the last Sunday in May. If you have already celebrated your mother’s special day, you can do it again! You know she’s worth it 😉 Why not treat your mother to a spa treatment, a gift, a takeaway or restaurant dinner or maybe take her on an outing to a near-by destination such as Sweden’s largest waterfall Tännforsen? What would your mother appreciate the most?

Need more tips?

Go to the Åre event calendar to find more activities going on in Åre in May.

Last updated 6 March 2024