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10 x Things to do in Åre in June

June is the brightest month of the year in Åre and we are excited to enjoy the lush greenery, the bright evenings and a wide range of activities. Curious of what you can do in Åre this time of year? We have listed a few tips below.

Please note that the ground is still wet in places at the beginning of June. To protect the trails, please try to find dry trails and grounds where you can walk and bicycle without damaging it. Also, remember that during the period April to June, nature is a nursery. Be careful and keep your distance from animals. Thank you! 

1. Open the Mountain

June 10, 2021, is the date all bicycle enthusiasts have been waiting for: It’s the opening date for Åre Bike Park! A tip is to book a bike well in advance if you wish to rent one as pressure on booking will be high this year. Find some bicycle inspiration here and more information about Lift Passes and more here. Of course, you can use the lifts without biking 🙂

2. Enjoy the Light

June is the brightest month of the year in Åre, in terms of how long the sun is up, so make sure to make the most of your days and recharge those batteries! Take walks, ride your bike, go hiking or just sit down on the grass with an ice cream in hand. 

3. Eat Out

Food always taste better in the outdoors, especially with a nice view. Bring your outdoor cooking equipment or some wood to make a fire at one of the BBQ-places that are available out there, and enjoy sausages, halloumi or whatever you prefer. As mentioned, everything tastes better outside 🙂

4. Let it Sprout!

Take a walk outdoors to enjoy this lush part of the summer. Please note that the ground is still quite wet so stick to the dry areas to protect the ground. Also, nature is a nursery from April to June, so take care not to disturb the fauna. At Kretsloppshuset and Ocke Trädgård in Mörsil you can watch flowers and plants sprout and get great tips on how to take care of them (check the opening hours before you leave).

5. High Altitude Adventures

High-level walkways, zipline and games. Sounds fun? SkiStar’s Climbing park opens in Björnen in June 2021 and it will surely be a popular attractions this summer. Book via SkiStar’s website or app. 

6. Watch Åre from Above

You can see them all year-round as little dots or something similar to birds of prey in the sky around Mt. Åreskutan. Paragliding club Skysport Åre offers great instructors who can take you on tandem flights or guide you through a beginner’s courses. Take the chance to see Åre from a birds’ perspective. 

7. Gelato, Gelato!

The local bakery Grädda and have nonpareil Italian style gelato on their menu which is produced on site with milk from a local dairy farm and flavors that change with the seasons – yum..! Also, there are plenty of other great fika places and cafés in an outside of Åre village. Find them here >>

8. Enjoy the Water

Yes, this was also a tip for May. But you will be able to enjoy cascades of white water and deafening noise from the spring flood in June as well. If you want a less extreme experience, just walk down to Åre Lake and see how far you get without getting your shoes wet. If you want something with ”a bit” more pressure, check this out.

9. Run!

Many runners have already started their running season but if you’re not one of them, June is a good time to start. The mountain trails are still too wet in the beginning of June but there are alternatives. For example, the trail around Ristafallet usually dries up early. Platåleden in Ottsjö is well prepared for running even when it’s wet and the trail next to Tegeforsen is nice as the stream (forsen) flows close to the trail. 

10. Celebrate Midsummer

The current situation might not allow large gatherings on Midsummer, but you can still celebrate. Have some typical Swedish Midsummer food (herring, potatoes and more), preferably outdoors or put on your walking boots, put the herring in your backpack and head out. Midsummer is on June 25 so it might even be a good idea to bring your sunglasses and suncream with you 😀

Extra tip: Cheer on Sweden!

June 6 is Sweden’s National Day and there are plenty of ways to celebrate that in Åre. Eat a good National Day breakfast and go out and enjoy nature! Maybe it’s a good day for tip #8 above? Or setting up your caravan on a beautiful place and enjoy what the nature of Åre has to offer?