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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell/ATI Mountain Experience

Calm activities for children in Åre

Taking it easy is also an important activity for children in Åre. We’ve picked out a few tips for both small and large.

#1 Read at the library

Take a break from all outdoor activities and read a good book in the cosy reading area of ​​the Åre Library. The library is located at the railway station house.

#2 Go Fishing

Buy a fishing license, rent a boat and try your luck out on Lake Åresjön, or try the brook in Ullån. Don’t forget to bring some coffee – all fishing trips are better with a good cup of coffee.

#3 Ride the funicular

Take Åre’s first lift a short bit the mountain. This old pulley system is over 100 years but is as equally strong today as it was then. Don’t forget to wave to oncoming carriage!

#4 Ride the cable car

A seven minutes’ trip from valley to mountain with butterflies in your stomach as you swish past the cabin pillars. You may even get a chance to make a snowball at the top.

#5 Ristafallet Waterfall

Or the Glupafallet waterfall as it is called in the famous Astrid Lindgren book, Ronia The Robber’s Daughter. Follow the tiny paths downstream to see the water charging by.

#6 Åre Hembygdsgård

Summer café, flatbread baking, soft green grass to run around the farmhouses and a swing overlooking Mt. Åreskutan.

#7 Eat ice cream

The bakery Grädda make their own ice cream from local milk, Åremjölk. Always a popular destination.

#8 Kayaking

Kayaking through gurgling water in a peaceful environment is not so bad. Why not finish it off with a dip and lunch over open fire? Canoes are available at Puls Åre and kayaks at the ATI Mountain Experience.

Last updated 5 March 2024