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Photo: Niklas Vestefjell

The Mighty Ristafallet Waterfall

50 meters wide with a height of 14 meters. Ristafallet is one of Sweden’s most beautiful waterfalls, and famous from the movie “Ronia the Robber’s Daughter”.

In Hålland between Undersåker and Järpen lies the easily accessible Ristafallet. Turn off the E14 from Hålland into Ristafallet’s Camping. Park by the restaurant, then walk through the camping area until you find the waterfall.

Trails, Viewpoints and the Cave

Below the waterfall, alongside the river Indalsälven there is a trail system with viewpoints allowing you to get closer to the waterfall. It’s a mighty waterfall where, depending on the season, water from 100 to 400 cubic meters passes per second. The fall is 50 meters wide, 14 meters high and is located at 355 meters above sea level. Both the waterfall and the mixed forests are old and unique, and the area is therefore a protected nature reserve. A protected wooded island splits the waterfall in two parts contributing to the dramatic appearance of the waterfall. On the island there is a cave that can be visited in the winter when the waterfall has frozen over.

“Glupafallet” in Ronja the Robber’s Daughter

When Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter was filmed in 1984, Ristafallet got to represent the roaring Glupafallet (Swedish name for the waterfall in the story). Just downstream from Ristafallet the scene was filmed where Birk and Ronja dramatically get stuck in a birch and eventually making it to shore.

Fishing and wildlife

There are both otters and beavers in the area around Ristafallet. Because they are such shy animals, it’s not so often you get to see them, however you may find traces of them. Remember to show consideration! For the angler it’s fine fishing both upstream and downstream.

Food and beverages

Next to the waterfall is the Ristafallet Camping & Café which serve home baked sweets and waffles, snacks and beverages.

Last updated 7 August 2023