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Photo: Åre Destination


Photo: Åre Destination


Photo: Åre Destination


Photo: Åre Destination

Five amazing waterfalls in Åre

The water streams, roars, fizzles, changes color and continues its way downstream, the way it always has done. Sometime it finds and alternative way, sometimes it freezes to ice. Below five amazing waterfalls that surely will take your breath away. 

#1 Tännforsen

Sweden’s mightiest and largest waterfall is at its wildest during spring flood. The spring record stands at 740 cubic meters roaring water per second, while the ordinary spring flow is approximately 400 cubic meters per second. But it really doesn’t matter when you come here to visit. The amount of water in this 60 meters wide and 38 meters high waterfall is impressive no matter when. Maybe even more so during winter when large parts of it is frozen. The path to the fall begins at Tännforsens Turiststation, situated 22 kilometers from Åre. Drive towards Norway, make a right turn in Staa (towards the golf course and past it). Follow the signs to Tännforsen.

#2 Ristafallet

In comparison to Tännforsen, Ristafallet offers a slightly more modest height of 14 meters, but since it is 50 meters wide, a considerably large amount of water pass the fall every second here as well. It is also possible to get closer to this fall, which offers a more intense experience of the forces of nature. And right in the middle of where the fall breaks there is a small islet that split the fall in two, enhancing the overall impression. It is possible to park your car on both sides of the waterfall but the most common place to watch the fall from is accessible from Ristafallet Camping & Restaurang situated in Hålland, between Järpen and Undersåker.

#3 Tegeforsen

No large elevation to talk about but a stunning beauty never the less. Easy accessible with a parking just by it and a very popular recreational place since this is a good place to fish, grill and hang out on with nice spots to put down a picnic blanket. You find the rapid along the old road between Åre and Duved where you take a left over the railway just after the road up to Tegefjäll if you come from Åre.

#4 Handölsforsen

With its 110 meters of hight difference this is actually the highest waterfall we have, but since it rushes down supported by an underlying rock formation with out any 90 degree edges there is no waterfall like the ones at Tännforsen and Ristafallet. But it is this everlasting whirling wild water that is its magical feature. To experience it at its best we suggest you take the suspension bridge over it. The path to the waterfall starts in Handöl, approximately 50 kilometers west of Åre. Follow the signs to Handöl.

#5 Brudslöjan

A narrow and 24 meters high waterfall where you get to go really close through a stare case down to the foot of the waterfall. The view from here is the most dramatic. The water falls down into a dark tarn on the Norwegian side of the border. You can also cross the water on a narrow suspension bridge. Brudslöjan waterfall is located 2,5 kilometers west from Storlien, just before you cross the border to Norway. On the left side of the E14 road, there is a small gate marked Brudslöjan and next to that you find the parking space. The hike to the waterfall is about one kilometer.

Last updated 7 August 2023