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Naturum, Vålådalen

Åre Glashytta glassworks, Duved

Tännforsen waterfall, Duved

Foto: Anna Öhlund

Kretsloppshuset, Mörsil

Ristafallet waterfall, Hålland

Leave Åre for a while and discover more

Expand your views and embark on a journey to discover Åre beyond it’s central village. Within a few miles’ radius you’ll find natural phenomena, crafts and history waiting for you to visit.

Naturum – Vålådalens Visitors Centre

Before you step out into the Vålådalen Nature Reserve, you can get a taste of the mountains, animals, nature, culture and reindeer herding at Naturum. Through exhibitions with carved wooden plants and tree animals, you’ll gain insight into everything from the ice age’s still visible traces to the importance of the mountain species. In the experience room, you can feel the seasons change – from the midwinter night’s colourful northern lights, through the springtime’s grouse laughing, to early summer’s first mosquitoes. Go on your own exploration or join a guided tour. naturumvaladalen.se


Western Jämtland’s organic food and garden oasis can be found in Mörsil. The scent of freshly baked bread and the sounds of hens cackling in the hen house around the corner are integral part of Kretsloppshuset. The popular lunch buffet and all the scrumptious pastries are enjoyed inside the beautiful winter garden or outdoors in the thriving garden. The shop has its own food craft based on berries, fruit and vegetables. kretsloppshuset.com

Lundhags Fabriksbutik – factory outlet

Get everything you need outdoors at the factory outlet Lundhags Fabriksbutik in Järpen. Outdoor clothing, boots and other gadgets from Lundhags’ own collections and many other well-known brands. Here you’ll find last season sales, sales samples, their own production, and more at really good prices. lundhagsfabriksbutik.se

Tännforsen waterfall

It is an amazing experience to stand next to Sweden’s largest waterfall with an impressive 38 meter drop. Its width is 60 meters, giving it a vertical drop surface of 1920 square meters. Last weekend of May every year is when the water flow is at it’s peak and when the feeling of standing next to the thunderous fall is most powerful. Tännforsen is surrounded by a nature reserve and among other things, a rich lava flora, some of which are otherwise only found along the Atlantic coast.

Ristafallet waterfall

One of Sweden’s most beautiful waterfalls – 50 meters wide with a height of 14 meters. Also a powerful experience and is best known from Astrid Lindgren’s film Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter as the roaring falls. The area is a well accessible nature reserve with old and unique forests, making it a perfect destination for large and small. Coffee and snacks can be purchased at Ristafallet Camping & Café. ristafallet.se

Åre Glashytta glassworks

Åre Glashytta glassworks lies in the railway station in Duved. Get an insight into the noble art of glassblowing. Both utility and art objects are designed and produced in glass here. The shop has gifts and products for all tastes and budgets. If you’re lucky you may get to see a glassblowing session in the making. areglashytta.se

Hanriis Café

Just over five miles from Åre lies Handöl. This small village is best known for its abandoned soapstone factory, its Carolean history and for Hanriis Café, which is not just a regular cafe. Visit an exhibition on Handöl’s strange history, the soapstone and the importance of the Carolean history. Visit the shop with local crafts and soapstone products and enjoy a really good cup of coffee. hanriiscafe.se

Last updated 7 August 2023