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Bucket List Winter

Photo: Anette Andersson

Yihaaa! We’ve put together a list of 20 things you just have to do in Åre this winter. Oh – you won’t have time to do them all in one visit? No worries. You’re always welcome back!


→ Tour, hike or get towed behind a snowmobile to the very top of Åreskutan, and have a waffle at Toppstugan

→ Go skiing in the morning, or in the evening, and enjoy freshly prepared slopes

→ Enjoy the silence on tour skis in Ullådalen

→ Build a sun pit and enjoy the sun

→ See Åre from above in a tandem paraglider

→ Make your way to Vita Renen Restaurant on Välliste

→ Dip yourself in a hot tub under a starlit sky

→ Go cross-country skiing at night (don’t forget the headlamp), in Björnen, Ullådalen or any of the other ski tracks

Go hunt the northern lights, by yourself or with a guide

→ Stay the night in an igloo

→ Go ice fishing and serve your freshly caught fish for dinner

→ Visit a frozen waterfall

→ Change equipment and try something new – skis, snowboard, telemark, backcountry

→ Drink the award-winning coffee from Åre Kafferosteri (Åre Coffee Roastery)

Ski off-piste (and stay safe!)

→ Take the nordic skis to a waffle place

→  Go up with the Kabinbanan to the top

→ Challange yourself and take a bath in the ice hole on the lake

→ Ski tour during the night with a headlamp, remember safety and the transceiver!

→ Barbecue a local sausage (Undersåkerskorv) over an open fire

Last updated 1 August 2023