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Towards the waffles!

Photo: Anette Andersson

3 x trails to Swedish 'fika'

Coffee always tastes better after you’ve worked for it. Here are some tips for three places you can head to on both tour and cross-country skis.

#1 Lillåstugan

Lillåstugan is about two kilometres from Ullådalen’s top parking. A family run waffle cabin that serves coffee, sandwiches, goulash and other homemade tasty treats based on the family’s secret recipes.

The track is groomed for classic, but as it is a popular tour, the track is usually a bit trampled. If you want to work a bit harder on your way there, there is a trail called till lillåstugan långa turen, which is groomed for skate. Follow the 5-kilometer trail north after heading past Ullån. Keep left after the long uphill towards Mullfjället, then follow the signs to Lillåstugan down towards Åresjön again.

To get there: Parkera på övre parkeringen i Ullådalen. Ta sikte mot Mullfjället och följ turspåret över Ullån. Håll vänster och följ skyltarna mot Lillåstugan. Det går även att åka alpint hit. Ta höger vid Fjällvallsliftens bergstation (Tegefjäll) och följ transportsträckan ner till stugan. Sen går det en transportsträcka vidare ner till Tegeliften.

Find the track at


Lillåstugans Waffle cabin.

Åre Destination

Waffle at Lillåstugan.

Åre Destination

Bergstugan in Fröå Gruva.

Niclas Vestefjell

Vite Renen offers yummy "fika".

Niclas Vestefjell

#2 Bergstugan

Bergstugan lies in the old mining village in Fröå. A red house with white details and a lovely home feeling. Everything here is made from scratch and there is a lunch buffet with salads, waffles, sandwiches and coffee all served daily.

Follow the 1 mile track from Björnen’s track centre and lookout for the Bergstugan sign about halfway. From there, follow the cross-marked trial over the old Fröå road across to the new Fröå road then up towards the mine. To get back to Björnen, re-connect with the original 1 mile track and continue on till reaching Björnen’s track centre.

To get there: Park at the track centre in Björnen and follow the 1 mile track.Approximately halfway, turn left and follow the signs to Bergstugan, Fröå Gruva. You can also drive there: Continue along the new Fröå road past the track station. Drive for a few kilometres and look for a sign pointing you to the left and up to the Fröå Gruva.

#3 Vita Renen

On the other side of Lake Åresjön lies Renfjället and on the southern side lies Vita Renen. If you’re thinking of skiing there from Åre, it’s better to choose a snowmobile. You can also take the car to Edsåsdalen and head in from there. You can either tour all the way down from the village or you take the trail at Ravinbanan Mountain Station. From here it’s an easy uphill about 3 kilometres. Another option is to be towed or take a ride in the snowmobile sleigh all the way up. Vita Renen is open when the ski lifts at the top of the mountain are open so check what times apply on the Edsåsdalen’s website.

Everything at Vita Renen is home-made. Lunch, à la carte and coffee. There’s a large veranda overlooking the south of Årefjällen and its extra lovely to sit here on a sunny and snowy spring day and enjoy a well deserved coffee. Why not take a snowmobile here directly from Åre? Either with your own snowmobile and valid track card from VÄSEK or on a guided tour. If you’re taking a snowmobile from Edsåsdalen, it’s the Edsåsdalen’s snowmobile track pass that applies.

To get there: From Åre, drive east on E14. Turn down the first exit to Undersåker (at XL Bygg). Keep right across the railroad and a right again just after the bridge towards Edsåsdalen. Park close to the Köja Fjällhotell and Edsåsdalens Sportbod (sports shop). The Ravinlift is the lift just above the sports shop.

Last updated 7 February 2019