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The Åre Gondola

Lisa Johansson

Skiing in Åre Björnen

Anette Andersson

Skiing in the Åre Ski Area

Foto: Anette Andersson

Ski Areas & Ski Passes in Åre

Are you on route to Åre? Then you need some information about the Ski Areas and Ski Passes. Find out what you need to know about how to purchase the Ski pass you need for alpine skiing, alpine ski touring and cross-country skiing in Åre below. If you’re wondering which ski area suits you best, how to park, where to eat and how to get on the ski bus, read on!

Ski Pass in Åre

  • You can buy a Ski pass valid for one or more days, all season or the Skistar All which is valid for all Skistar’s destinations.
  • Children under 7 years of age ski free of charge when using a helmet. 
  • Access to all the ski areas Åre by, Björnen and Duved/Tegefjäll is included in your Ski pass.
  • SkiStar encourages visitors to buy/book their SkiPass digitally on the Skistar website or via the app Skistar to avoid standing in line in the shop.

Go to Skistar’s website to book or buy a ski pass >>

You can also refill your ski pass via the app Skistar.

Ski Area Opening Hours

The winter season in Åre starts with the first lifts opening up in late November, as soon as there is enough snow to open up for good skiing, and lasts until the end of April.

During high season weeks the ski area has extended opening hours. Some of  the lifts, spread out in the different parts of the ski area, open earlier in the morning and stay open longer in the evening during the most busy holiday weeks. Find the detailed ski area opening hours here >>

Ski Areas in Åre

There are three ski areas within the Åre ski area: Åre village, Björnen and Tegefjäll/Duved. Below is a description of the different skiing areas, information about parking and more.

⛷Åre Village

Ski map Åre village >>

Åre village is the most central and largest part of the Åre ski area. This is where you can reach the highest peak, the top of the Åreskutan mountain, and find the steepest slopes. There are a large number of starting points to chose from and you can get there by car, ski bus or by walking. The Åre village system is connected to the Björnen ski area in the east.

At most parking lots in Åre you need a parking ticket or permit. Easiest way to pay is via the Aimo app, per day or per hour. If you have a Skistar All ski pass (valid at all Skistar’s destinations) parking permit is included, make sure to connect the registration number of your vehicle to your ski pass first. Find parking in Åre here >>

Ski bus
The ski bus is free of charge if you have a valid ski pass. Find time tables and more information here >>

Eating in Åre Village
In the ski area and in the village there are plenty of food places for when you need lunch or want a fika. Find your favorite place to eat here >>


Ski map Björnen >>

This is a family friendly ski area located east of Åre village. You can drive, circa 15 minutes by car, take the ski bus or ski via the Åre Village ski area. 

You need a valid parking ticket to park your car in Björnen, see more about other options under Åre village above. Find more information about parking in Björnen here >>

Ski bus
You can take the ski bus to and from Björnen and it is free of charge if you have a valid ski pass. Find time tables and locations here >>

Eating in Björnen
There are plenty of choices for hungry skiers in Björnen such as Lilla Tyrolen, Carins krog, Crowded House among others. Find out more here >>

Buy a track pass for cross-country skiing

Darren Hamlin

Skiing in Åre village

Lisa Johansson

Buy your ski pass online

Lisa Johansson

⛷Tegefjäll & Duved

Ski map Tegefjäll & Duved >>

Westward in the valley, along the E14, you find the ski areas Tegefjäll and Duved. You can start at one of them and ski between these two areas as they are connected with each other. There is however no connecting lift or piste between Tegefjäll and the western parts of the main Åre ski area, instead there is a ski bus to take you around.

The vertical drop in Duved / Tegefjäll is not as high as in Åre by but both areas offer great skiing of varying difficulty. These areas are usually not as crowded as Åre by and has something to offer for children as well as adults.

Some parking areas require a valid parking ticket or permit, see more under Parking in Åre village above. Find out more about parking in Duved and Tegefjäll here >>

Ski bus
It is easy to go between the areas and to and from Åre by with the ski bus. It is free of charge if you have a valid ski pass. Find time tables and bus stops here >>

Eating in Duved & Tegefjäll
Of course, there are a number of food places to chose from in Tegefjäll and Duved as well. Find your best choice here >>

Tips for the family

For children and beginners there are some great options in each of the ski areas mentioned above, to start your skiing experience at. Magic carpets, beginners drag lifts and easy access to both a quick bite and toilets are found in each of them. See more about the children’s ski areas in Åre here >>

Ski passes for cross-country skiing

There are a number of great cross-country skiing tracks in and around Åre. The most popular ones are Björnen, Ullådalen and Duved. You need a day pass, season pass or an alpine ski pass to use the tracks. Find out more about cross-country skiing and XC-ski passes here >>

Ski touring in the ski system

There are a number of designated ski touring tracks located in the ski area. If you wish to use these, you’ll need a ski pass. Find out more here >>

Last updated 26 March 2024