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Find all the lit trails in Åre

Whether the sun hasn’t yet woken, or its already gone bed plays no importance to fantastic cross-country skiing in Åre. Rather the opposite in fact. The illuminated trails in Åre are lit from 07:00 to 22:00 every day of the week.

Lit trails in Björnen

3 kilometres. The track starts at Åre Björnen’s Track Centre with a slight uphill to get your pulse going. After the first long stretch comes a steep downhill before the track snakes its way through a short series of lefts and rights, ups and downs just before the finish mark.

5 kilometres. The same start as the 3-kilometre track but take the track off to the left after the first long downhill onto a 2-kilometre loop with relatively small climb and decline. The track then connects to the final part of the 3-kilometre track in the same location as it turned off.

Tips: Many people choose the 5-kilometre track then take the outside loop on the track (after the long stretch with an oncoming track) a few turns extra before returning home.

Information about track passes in Björnen – skistar.com

Lit trails in Duved

2.5 kilometres. A pleasant loop that starts with a slight downhill before continuing onto a variety of changes before reaching the finish line.

5 kilometres. Starts in the same way as the 2.5-kilometre track, then turns left onto a bit of a work out higher up in the terrain. A nice uphill section before the track turns back to reunite with the 2.5-kilometre finish.

7 kilometres. Follow the 5-kilometre track all the way past the longest uphill where it wraps into a nice loop before the track returns to the 5-kilometre just before a long downhill stretch.

Ski cross course. Head right into the Ski Cross course after a short distance on the lit track. A 400-meter-long course with curves, bumps and short but steep slopes. A Lit and fun play on skis for the whole family.

Information about track passes in Duved – skistar.com

Lit trails outside Åre’s track pass system

Edsåsdalen. In Edsåsdalen, the 1.2-kilometre and the 3.5-kilometre tracks are lit.

Trillevallen. In Trillevallen, the 2-kilometre track is lit.

Vålådalen. In Vålådalen, the 7.5-kilometre track is lit, which means that you can choose between 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7.5 km of illuminated tracks. The entire track is relatively flat, so it’s also suitable for beginners. The track is lit between 06-11 and 15-22 daily.

TIPS! Go to arecrosscountry.com – here you will find the current track status.

NOTE! Track passes are required for all groomed tracks. Information is available on each area’s website.

Last updated 8 September 2023


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