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Hot chocolate with love

Hot chocolate is clearly the warming drink that always is the best reward after a tough hour or two in the rough winter. 

Every restaurant and café on the slopes in Åre serves its own version of hot chocolate. Some from a machine, others are cooked by hand and served in coffee kettles and most of them are topped with whipped cream. Then we have some that go a little further. Where every cup of the noble hot drink is made just for you – the same second as you order it and not a moment before.

# Åre Chokladfabrik

If you’re looking for chocolate heaven, you’ll find it at Åre Chokladfabrik. Their hot chocolate is made by hand from real chocolate over the counter at their chocolate bar. This is how chocolate should really taste! You choose flavour and toppings. If you can’t get enough of it, buy a package of their mix to bring home, prepare it and pour into a thermos to enjoy on your next day out in the mountains. Heavenly! arechokladfabrik.se

# Grädda

At Grädda’s bakery and café, they melt pieces of real chocolate and mix it with warm milk, then top it with a luxurious crown of whipped cream. And, to go with it, a crisp croissant, Grädda make the best ones in town. grädda.se

Into more of sweets and whipped cream? In Sweden, waffles are almost mandatory while skiing and there are plenty of waffle places to choose from next to both slopes and tracks in Åre.

Last updated 21 July 2023