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Foto: Niclas Vestefjell

Four intense uphill´s in Åre

Going up is always better workout for you whole body than going down and we have plenty of uphill’s in Åre. If you can’t decide which one to attack, we’ve listed our four favourites below.


Highest point: 820 masl | Ascent: 515 m | Length: 3.3 km |

To get there: To get there: Totthummeln is the small rounded mountain that stands up in the eastern part of the village, above Tott Hotell. Take trail 212 – Trollstigen (Troll trail) from Åre Square to trail 213 at the same height as Hotell Fjällgården. Keep left when the trail goes into the woods at the foot of Totthummeln.

When it’s time to run down, there are two options:

  • The short and steep – take the same way back.
  • For the further and less steep – when you’re at the top line and Totthumeln, keep right and follow trail 213 clockwise down. 

Trail characteristics: Lovely leafy vegetation, beautiful views and well-trampled path. One of Åre’s Three peaks to climb during your visit.

Vertical K

Highest point: 1420 masl | Ascent: 1000 m | Length: 5 km 

To get there: Vertical K has its own line marking that is easy to follow from the Peak Performance General Store at Åre Square up to Mt. Åreskutan’s top. You’ll pass the 0.5 km sign for Mörvikshummeln on the way up.

When it’s time to run down, there are three options:

  • Shortest – 8.1 kilometres via trail 214 down. Follow Vertical K down a short distance (while giving way to those heading up), then take the gravel road.
  • Longer and less trampled – 9.1 kilometres via trail 215 (Östra-East trail).
  • The lazy – take the cable car down.

Trail characteristics:

Steep with varied surfaces; clay, stone and gravel with fixed ropes for support in certain spots.


Highest point: 765 masl | Ascent: 180 m | Length: 2.1 km 

To get there: Forberget is located in Björnen. Drive past the Skidcenter ÅreBjörnen, park in the first parking lot to the left after the bridge. Cross over and follow trail 222 which goes to the left side of the left hill at Järvenliften. The trail leads you through Björnland, past Järvenliften’s peak station, to Copperhill Mountain Lodge.

When it’s time to run down, there are two options:

  • The short way – take the same way back
  • The longer way – via the motorway to Björnen

Trail characteristics: Steep and often quite wet at the beginning with marshes in several places along the trail. Soft surfaces the entire way. 


Highest point: 1031 masl | Ascent: 660 m | Length: 7.5 km 

To get there: Park at Föreningshuset in Duved and walk via Byliften up to Hamreliften or park at Hamreliften. Follow trail 205 up Hambrebacken. There is a wind shelter at the top. 

When it’s time to run down, there are three options:

  • The short way –  the same way back.
  • A bit longer – connect to trail 204 via Tegefjäll.
  • The much longer way – connect to trail 203 (Mullfjället), which continues further back/north on Mullfjället, via Ullådalen and Lillåstugan.

Trail characteristics: Gravel road, path and beautiful scenery. One of Åre’s Three peaks to climb during your visit.

P.S. Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly in the mountains, so make sure to bring clothes that can handle a rain shower and/or cold winds and remember that there’s no shame in turning back. The mountains will still be there another day and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Last updated 8 August 2023