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Three running trail tips

It’s possible to run just about anywhere where there’s a path. To avoid getting lost, we’ve listed three different trails with different styles and characteristics for you to try out.

# 1 Canal Trail – flat and fairly short

Ascent: 87 m | Length: 5.1 km

A relatively flat and easy trail that winds along the artificial mining canal that leads the water from Fröå to Fröå’s mine. Along the canal there are beaver fallen trees and you can often catch sight of Siberean Jay birds.

To get there: Take trail 223, which begins just above the upper parking lot at Fröå mine, just past the fence. Head along the canal tills just before a beaver dam, the path then takes you into the forest, over a brook, through a mire and further out onto the old gravel road, which runs between Björnen and the Fröå mine.

# 2 Totthummeln – short and steep

Ascent:  515 m | Length: 3.3 km

Totthummeln is the small round mountain that stands up in the eastern part of the village, above Tott Hotell. This trail is wide and well used and there is a foot-bridge in the really wet spots. This trail can be quite muddy if it’s recently been raining. 

To get there: Totthummeln is the small rounded mountain that stands up in the eastern part of the village, above Tott Hotell. Take trail 212 – Trollstigen (Troll trail) from Åre Square to trail 213 at the same height as Hotell Fjällgården. Keep left when the trail goes into the woods at the foot of Totthummeln or straight ahead if you want a slight slope uphill, and steeper downhill.

# 3 Blanktjärn – longer and beautiful

Ascent: 187 m | Length: 12,3 km

Now we’re taking you on an adventure outside Åredalen and it’s definitely worth it. The trail is breathtaking and has become a popular spot in recent years. It winds through woods and mires to and from the magical Blanktjärn where the water is turquoise and you’ll feel like you’ve just entered another world.

To get there: Drive to Vålådalen (42 km from Åre, about 40 min.) and park at the central station. Take trail 283 from there marked Blanktjärnsundan.

More tips are available in the app.

Last updated 14 May 2019


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